Kylie Jenner Reveals Why The Internet Keeps Her From Enjoying Her Social Life

As one of the most prominent celebrities in today’s society, Kylie Jenner is the center of attention for a massive following and just as many critics. In fact, it’s her online haters that she seems to notice the most. In a Life of Kylie preview, the model and entrepreneur reveals how her popularity has had a negative affect on her social life and has kept her from enjoying a successful romance.
Kylie Jenner Believes Fame Has Been A Curse
Fans and critics follow every move Kylie Jenner makes, using social media to comment on her personal life. Whether they approve or find a reason to hate on the Life of Kylie star, there’s no shortage of opinions expressed on the star’s various social media pages. For that reason, Ms. Jenner now opens up about feeling scrutinized and unable to pursue romance in her life.
Kylie adds that being involved in a romantic relationship, regardless of who she has been dating, has meant seeing every moment analyzed on the internet.
“You have to hear about other people’s opinions on who you’re with. It’s a lot. Most of the time, it’s just not true,” says the Life of Kylie star. “Like, you have no idea what I’m like in a relationship, the kind of bond I have with somebody else.”
Ms. Jenner didn’t specify any particular relationship or beau, so it seems likely she’s referring to multiple past experiences. The star expressed feeling especially bothered by having to see her break-ups replayed on social media sites and by digital tabloids.
Kylie says the internet is negative by default, so there’s no avoiding these situations, but that doesn’t mean she accepts them. She feels harassed by the attention at times and says it’s almost like being married to the entire world.
The next episode of Life of Kylie isn’t all bad news and dour sentiments. Jenner also spends time with Travis Scott, feeling no inhibitions about sharing that romance with her fans. Previously, the couple made news when Scott presented Jenner with a $60,000 diamond necklace.
While Kylie Jenner may sometimes feel the weight of her celebrity status, she continues to succeed in her endeavors, proving her talents for the fashion business and entertainment are as sharp as ever.
The next episode of Life of Kylie, which stars Tokyo Stylez and Victoria Villarroel alongside Kylie Jenner, is expected to air on Sunday, August 20 on the E! Network.