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Madison Street Capital recently helped Sterling Packaging move forward by arranging a growth equity investment. The international investment firm’s CEO announced the news recently. Sterling Packaging is based in Manitoba, Canada. However, it has also expanded into the United States with a location in Alabama. The company manufactures folding cartons and distributes them to many types of industries across Canada and the United States. Druid Capital Partners provided the equity facility.



About The Investment

An executive from Madison Street Capital said that Sterling Packaging’s team did a good job of building a scale business. He also stated that the company offered superior products. The expansion timeline will come with solutions to benefit all of Sterling Packaging’s customers in the coming years. Since the investment will also benefit both participating companies immensely, Madison Street Capital executives were pleased to bring the parties together. Druid Capital’s managing partner said that the company was excited about working with Sterling Packaging. The spokesman was especially happy about Sterling Packaging’s reputation for hard work, strong core values and a commitment to quality production. The owners of Sterling Packaging are known for being entrepreneurial leaders. Druid Capital’s executives were thankful for Madison Street Capital’s assistance in facilitating this partnership.



A Powerful Duo

Sterling Packaging was founded in 1989 in Canada. The company creates a wide array of folding cardboard cartons. The products are used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, hardware, beverage and food industries. Sterling Packaging started out serving mostly smaller companies but now serves even large enterprises. Some of its customers include Fortune 500 companies from Canada or the United States. The company’s biggest industry is beverage cartons. It is known for producing some of the most reliable cartons for craft beer bottles and other glass-bottled beverages.


Druid Capital Partners was founded in 2015. It is a boutique investment firm that focuses on private companies and especially those located in the Southeast. The investors prefer to put their funds toward distribution, manufacturing and industrial services. Most of the company’s investments are based on recapitalization or acquisitions by established companies for entrepreneurial owners of several sizes of companies. The investors work with managers and owners to create mutual benefits. Although it is new, the company has already established a reputation for being trustworthy.



About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005 as a middle-market investment firm. There are currently offices in Asia, North America and Africa. The company specializes in matching active sellers with buyers and financing with capitalization. The Madison Street Capital reputation for excellence continued to grow with the recent introduction of Druid Capital to Sterling Packaging. In recent years, Madison Street Capital has been active in helping disaster relief charities and faith-based organizations. It serves a wide array of other industries today. Madison Street Capital is committed to leadership and integrity with its corporate financial advising services. It is a leader in corporate governance domestically and in foreign markets. The organization also has expertise in acquisitions and mergers on a small or global scale. It is known for reliable valuation services, expert financial opinions and a variety of other useful services for both private and public middle-market businesses.


One principle that made Madison Street Capital especially successful is its policy that every customer is treated as unique and important. Every new client is analyzed carefully to ensure that only the most beneficial recommendations are offered. Middle-market business owners know that it is hard to find the right financial advisor for corporate needs. Searching for an advisor among the many large banks that provide standardized services can be intimidating, which is why Madison Street Capital is a shining light to prospective clients. The company’s solid reputation of facilitating sound exit strategies and offering powerful financial advice follows it across the globe. With impeccable services, Madison Street Capital puts its clients in positions of success in a global marketplace. As the company takes on each new project, it identifies and works around the client’s objectives and goals. Those goals become Madison Street Capital’s goals as well. The company sees emerging markets as a major part of its own global growth and especially the growth of its clients. Madison Street Capital is active on Twitter and invites clients and the public to connect.

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