A Look at the Career of Daniel Mark Harrison


If you stopped to consider the most innovative, creative minds, you might think of individuals that have recently risen to pop-star icon status – people like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Nicolai Tesla, and even Richard Branson, for example. Although you might not think of Daniel Mark Harrison – maybe you’ve never even heard his name before – there are a bunch of reasons why you should.

The majority of his versatile and very successful business ventures have taken place in Europe and Asia (particularly in Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong), but as a Managing Partner of Monkey Capital and FinTech, and as the CEO, Founder, and President of his self-titled business, Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. (DMH&CO), he has built his career as the leader of a worldwide investment company – but that isn’t even close to all that he does.

Born in London, Harrison attended Lancing College before he studied Theology at Oxford, and then went on to earn degrees at BI Norwegian Business School and New York University, where he got his Master’s degree in Journalism. Once he had graduated and experienced a sufficient amount of real-world, practical applications of his studies, he decided to share his wisdom. A prolific contributor to CoinSpeaker, Harrison has penned numerous articles for a variety of other print and web publications, including Forbes, The Motley Fool, and Marx Rand (“a wide-ranging general interest publication with a special focus on exploring independent-minded concepts and approaches to contextualizing contemporary problems, written mostly for the intellectual millennial”), where he serves as Editor in Chief.

He has experienced huge success writing about his knowledge, experiences, and perspectives, just as he had in his more entrepreneurial business ventures into residential property development, project management, specially tailored financing, and investment packages for his ultra-high net worth clients.

Not one to be satisfied with just “enough,” Harrison wrote and published two books in 2015:

  • Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact and Fiction in Today’s World explores themes of sex, religion, and politics; it is the fictional tale of young adults discovering eye-opening realities about long-held beliefs and traditions that millennials are starting to question. The novel simultaneously tells the story, describes their mindset, and details the cultural shift that is happening because of the group.
  • The Millennial Reincarnations tells the story of young adults (“millennials”) in Shanghai and New York City that come together to decide that yes, their shared experiences mean that they have a higher purpose. Using a mixture of his own experience and imagination, Harrison describes how technology impacts the millennials’ lives and livelihoods. With high acclaim from a variety of notable sources, Harrison was approached regarding writing two more books, making it a trilogy.

So now you’ve heard his name. Daniel Mark Harrison. You’ve read a little bit about the ways he spends his time, and what he has done in his life so far. You might think he’s just another millennial – but he’s not. In fact, he might be the opposite of what it means to be a typical millennial; instead of spending his days as a precious, unique, and fragile snowflake, Harrison meets the definition of jack of all trades; he does everything, working to improve the lives of those all around him, not to mention those he will never meet.

As an innovator, he’s created solutions for people to help others, themselves, and the world as a whole. As a creator and producer, he’s shared his knowledge with the world, making his education and experience available for all who read his articles and books, both now and in the future. As a producer, he has offered opportunities to learn, grow, and become productive. As an investor, he has made it easier and more likely for others to invest, which in turn contributes to the promotion of society at large. Daniel Mark Harrison has already impacted the world around him, but he will absolutely continue to do so. One could argue that the things he writes about serve to propel not just business, but society and culture at large, since the proliferation of information helps not just the individual, but every living being, human or otherwise.

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