Bob Reina Explains the Key to His Business Success


One former policeman became a millionaire in the network marketing industry and went on to found a fantastically successful company, and people want to know how he did it. Anyone who asks Bob Reina this question will hear the following: Sacrifice your time today so that you can enjoy the benefits of that sacrifice tomorrow.

In most cases, people start out small and keep going until they reach the top, but 44 million people have home-based businesses in the United States, so it is hard to tell where the beginning is anymore. You may already be successful in your nine-to-five profession, but if you feel as if your talents are being wasted, then starting a business on the side could help you live a better life. That is exactly what it did for me.

You can do this easily. First, keep your day job. Second, start to take some chances outside of the office so that you can build something for yourself and your future. You may find that when you embark on a project such as this, you never have enough time.

It is true that there is a limited amount of time in a day. “I don’t have time” is the excuse that people cite the most when explaining why they haven’t reached their goals yet. The problem is not necessarily time. It is the fact that our outside projects do not receive the care and attention that they need.

We have so much to do in our lives. After working long hours, we have to take care of our families, socialize and find a moment here and there to relax. With all of this going on in the day, our side projects are often left hanging until we finally give them a minute or two. As long as this is how we treat our side projects, we will never reap the benefits from them.

If it is your biggest dream, why is the effort you put into it so small? Your goal deserves someone who will give it everything he or she has.

The problem is the fact that we are not making any changes in our schedules. What we end up doing is piling more responsibilities on top of the ones we already have, and this causes us to feel destroyed and defeated.

What you need to do is make your side projects your main projects, and you can’t do this by putting more on your plate. Instead, you must subtract. Examine your days, and find the activities that are a complete waste of your time. Then, eliminate those activities.

You can do this by making a list of your activities. Then, determine how much time each task takes. Maybe, you could not watch television at night, or take a different shift so that you don’t have to drive during rush hour.

Be Consistent

It’s not enough to work hard and be determined. You have to be consistent, and this can be a challenge for everyone. The truth is that nothing will happen if you persevere relentlessly and then give up after one week. You have to have a plan, and you have to keep it going.

You will not be successful until a significant amount of time has passed, but if you do not remain persistent in pursuing your goals, the fire that you started will eventually burn out.

You need to be a dreamer, but you must also see your dream realistically. You have to have high expectations, but you can’t put in a minimal amount of effort. Your expectations and your effort must match. You must know what your activities will be for the day, the week and the month, and set multiple goals. When you do this, it is easier to see how much progress you are making. It also keeps you from feeling overwhelmed.

When your side project begins to bring in a significant amount of money, consider making it your full-time job. That will be when you can support yourself, and you need the extra time to continue making your business work.

That’s how I did it. I made it to where I could see light at the end of the tunnel, and I knew what I needed to do to increase my profits. I also felt confident that I could continue to travel the path I was currently on. That’s the day that everything changed for me. I was finally free! I looked forward to waking up in the morning, and I was excited about life when I never thought that I could be.

We all wish it wasn’t true, but there’s no secret to finding the perfect life. You can’t take a pill to get it, and it isn’t going to be easy. You have to put in the effort, and you can’t give up even if you are tired, you think it has been long enough, or you don’t want to do anything that day.

To make your dream a reality, you must be dedicated to your goal, be disciplined and have the desire to make things work. When you are disciplined, you will also be free. It doesn’t take much more than that.

About Bob Reina

After graduating first in his class from the police academy, Bob Reina went on to serve as a Tampa Bay police officer. He was introduced to network marketing and became an associate at this time. Working on a part-time basis was not enough for Bob, so he ignored his family’s and friends’ advice and quit his job as a police officer to work full time on his network marketing business.

One day, he wanted to email pictures of a house he was thinking of purchasing to his family and friends. AOL did not have a way for Bob to send videos in his emails, so he created a company that would be able to provide this service. Talk Fusion was born, and the company’s first product was called “Video Email.”