Chris Burch’s Entrepreneurial Journey to Success

Chris Burch is a man who has ventured into many businesses over the course of his career and life. He began working when he was very young with his father in construction, and that brought out the entrepreneur in him. All his life, he has found multiple ways of making money, and his drive and passion for what he does have made him very successful.
He is Burch Creative Capital’s founder and CEO. BCC is a firm that concerns itself with investments and developing brands. He is also the co-founder to several other business ventures including Tory Burch LLC and the recently sold C. Wonder. His success has seen him become one of the most admired entrepreneurs in the world. His success landed him on the Forbes list of billionaires.

Chris Burch has a clear vision of what he wants his legacy to be. He intends to be the man who creates a path to success for others to follow. He is innovative, passionate, determined and has a mission that he is bent on fulfilling. Chris Burch has interests and ventures stretching out to the fashion industry, real estate, hotels, and resorts.
For Chris Burch, success did not come easy, but the path and struggles were all worth it. He has a 40-year career. In this time, he has actively immersed himself in various industries. Not only is he a successful entrepreneur but also a philanthropist and an international hotelier.

Chris Burch describes his strategy for success as ensuring he is always on the move, always creating something new and pouring the whole of yourself into it. Through his innovative nature, he has not only founded Burch Creative Capital but also has luxury hotels and many other achievements on his record.

Investment is one of the ways that Chris Burch has actively participated in various industries over the course of his career. He has taken part in the success of more than 50 companies. His investment skills have grown to make him an expert in many fields.
Success in business and entrepreneurship requires an individual who is very discerning and decisive. He possesses both qualities as well as understanding consumer behavior. By understanding what customers what, he then avails it to them. Chris Burch is a marketing, branding and entrepreneurship genius who stops at nothing to get to where he wants to be. Some of his recent ventures include investments in Poppin, Cocoon9, and ED by Ellen DeGeneres.

Nihi Sumba, a resort in South East Asia is another one of his most recent ventures and is extremely impressive. It is a luxury resort on Nihi Sumba Island that offers a perfect destination for vacationers. The resort has an exotic feel to top off the luxury and exclusivity.

How did Chris Burch become a successful entrepreneur?
Success for entrepreneurs does not happen overnight. It is a journey that takes time and tests the patience and commitment of individuals. There are many setbacks and discouraging moments that entrepreneurs face, those who succeed are those who soldier on in the face of challenges.

Chris Burch is one of the courageous entrepreneurs who began his journey at Ithaca College. He began building his empire early. His first venture was Eagle Eye Apparel, a company that he and his brother created while in college.

They put in $2000 into the enterprise and then would sell sweaters on their college campus and surrounding neighborhoods. The company gave him a very much-needed start into his entrepreneurial journey. He gained experience in marketing, understanding consumer needs, fulfilling them and direct consumer marketing. The company sold for $60 million after a short time and this experience helped him climb up the entrepreneurial ladder and get to the successful landing he is in today.

Chris Burch’s Nihi Sumba Island Resort
The resort has 27 villas that encompass the natural beauty and uniqueness of the island. It is in a remote area of Indonesia and gives visitors different sceneries to take in while there. A jungle and beach surroung the resort, which makes it perfect for people who love the outdoors. A Nihi Sumba experience is unlike any other.

The resort is a creation of Chris Burch and friend James McBride who came together in 2012 and brought beauty to the area. Their vision for the resort was to ensure that it does not interfere with the natural beauty of the island. They achieved this by building the villas with teak wood and natural stone. The villas are between and around palm trees, vines, shrubs and hilltops.

There are many activities to engage in while at the island. The name Nihiwatu means mortar stone and represents the formation of the area, which is as a result of a large rock that is at the beach. The resort facilitates guided tours through the jungle and around the beach, which takes you to a waterfall to enjoy boat rides, high dives and admire the beauty of the area.
Depending on the kind of experience you are looking for, you can book duplexes, one-bed room villas or estates. Whichever your choice, you are sure of a breathtaking view. The rates range between $750 per night for small villas and $14000 a night for larger estate villas.

International ventures
Besides the island resort in south East Asia, Chris Burch has also built luxury homes in Southampton, Palm Beach, and Nantucket. Internationally, he has partnered with Alan Faena, a hotelier, to create the Faena Hotel and Universe in Buenos Aires.
Miniature homes, a project known as Cocoon9 is another one of his ventures that creates high-quality small homes. Their constructions take four months, and they are easy to transport and install. They are affordable, energy efficient and durable.

About Chris Burch and his volunteer works
Chris Burch’s greatest wish is to make a path for others to succeed. Even with his enormous success, he has a giving heart. He enjoys giving back to the community. Through rehabilitating Nihi Sumba, the resort continues to help support the Sumba Foundation that provides humanitarian aid to the people of Sumba.

Chris Burch spends a lot of time volunteering and working with charities all over the world. He has collaborated with The Child Welfare League of China, and in the funding of medical training activities at NYU Langone in New York among many others.

An entrepreneur does not stop venturing into new projects and growing their vision. Despite his success, Chris Burch still surges ahead.

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