Earthquake Off California Coast

Earthquakes are occurring across the world. There has been a significant earthquake of a 7.1 in Mexico, an earthquake off the coast of Japan of at least a 6.0 and numerous aftershocks in Mexico just in the past week. The latest quake that has some scientists concerned is one that occurred in northern California. A few initial reports suggested that there were two separate quakes because of the seismograph readings. New details reveal that there was only one earthquake of a 5.7 magnitude.

The quake occurred just off the coast of California close to the Oregon border. There haven’t been any reports of damages since it was offshore, and there haven’t been any threats of a tsunami. Geological experts thought that there was another earthquake behind this one, but they later took back those comments. When an earthquake is shallow, like this one was, there is a possibility that the strength can be undetermined at the time until all the data is received. There were few people who felt the quake at the time.

There are numerous earthquakes with a 5.0 magnitude and above in California and off the coast all the time, but this one comes on the heels of several others across the world. There is the potential that the tectonic plates in areas across the world will begin to be more active because of the recent strength of quakes that have occurred. The San Andreas fault runs through California, and there is a concern that this fault could begin to become more active in the near future. Scientists are closely monitoring the area off the coast and other areas in California to see if there is any activity that could begin to spark over time, especially if there are any more earthquakes in other areas of the world at the same time.