Life after Presidency for Barack Obama

An insight on the health care reform, scores of money managers and boxed sandwiches concluded an hour into the life of President Obama’s life after leaving the White House. These are just a few of the main ingredients that were part of his speech on Monday. The former president had been invited by Cantor Fitzgerald which is a brokerage firm to address a number of issues. Looking at the numbers, this is the ninth speech that Barack Obama has made since he left office. During the Cantor Fitzgerald speech, the former president wore a dark suit and remained steel-jawed. His suits still have the American flag label in. He talked on a host of issues including the latest effort by the GOP Senators to repeal the Affordable Care Act which was Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment. Swipes directed towards the Trump administration were few, and so were the laugh lines he is known for. Instead, he chose a professional review about the accomplishment of the ACA. He also discussed some of the problems related to the bill and gave some few recommendations to these shortcomings. He was speaking in a ballroom that had 500 people listening. He said that the Obamacare is a big system that’s also complicated. He further said that changes to make the system work is not something mysterious.

In a period of 30 days, Mr. Obama has spoken to three financial crowds. Previously, he had spoken at Carlyle Group which is a private equity firm and Northern Trust Corporation which is a money management firm. During the last speech, Barack Obama spoke about how he has been going about money making opportunities in his post-presidency life. For instance, he said that together with Mitchell Obama, they had acquired a $60 million book deal jointly. Most of his speeches earn him $400,000 each. He also said that he had vacationed a certain island and bought an $8.1 million home. However, there are other speeches that the former president has made for free. This includes the at-risk youths in Chicago speech and another speech at Beau Biden Foundation. This is a foundation that is named after the former son of Vice President Joe Biden. According to his spokesman Kevin Lewis, Barack Obama spends his time in private and public events. From the money that he has made during this time, he has contributed over $2 million to charities that focus on job creation programs and employment.

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