Troy Gentry Dies at the Age of 50

Troy Gentry has died at the age of 50. He died while travelling to Medford New, Jersey where he was supposed to perform with his group, the Montgomery Gentry. The group announced through its website that he died after he was involved in a helicopter crash. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, they confirmed through an email that there had been a helicopter accident in the area. The helicopter involved was a Schweitzer 269 model. According to the email by the FAA, they confirmed that the helicopter had crashed at the Flying W Airport towards the end of the runway. They further said that they would investigate the matter. News about the crash was released by Medford Police Department Chief, Richard J. Meder. The police department said that the pilot had made a distress call some few moments before the plane crashed. The pilot’s name was James Robinson from Meigs, Ga. While the pilot was pronounced dead during the rescue mission, Mr. Gentry died later as the Virtua Marlton Hospital. According to the police report, Troy Gentry was set to entertain guests at the resort located at the airport with the rest of his band members. Troy Gentry has been a member of the Montgomery Gentry band that he established with the brother of John Michael Montgomery, another country star.

In the early 2000s, Mr. Gentry produced three hits with the group that includes You Do Your Think in 2004, My Town in 2002 and Tattoos $ Scars in 1999. Most of his themes were relationship resilience. For instance, the song “If You Ever Stop Loving Me” is a good example. He also addressed the issue of traumatic disorders with military people. Didn’t I is one of the many songs that address the issue. Together with the Montgomery Gentry group, they recently released their eighth album in 2015. The album was known as “Folks Like Us.” Following his death, the website of the group described him as a person who represented the workingman. Some of the blue-collar anthems that can be associated with the late Gentry include the party on the weekend, the ugly, the bad and the good. Troy Gentry hailed from Lexington, Kentucky where he was born on 5th April 1967. The website did not give details about his family. During his career, Mr. Gentry always insisted that he didn’t want to be an overnight success. Instead, he wanted to produce music that would go on for years.