A New Deputy for EPA Appointed

An outspoken denier about the science of climate change has been appointed to head the Environmental Protection Agency. The appointment of Andrew R. Wheeler was made by the White House on Thursday. Prior to this position, Mr. Wheeler was a coal lobbyist. He will resume his role as the deputy administrator of the EPA once he has been approved by the Senate. For starters, Mr. Wheeler is a former aide of Senator James M. Inhofe who does not do well with environmental activists. However, his employers now are aware of his prowess in dismantling fossil fuel regulations from the Obama era. At the same time, his appointment has come at a crucial moment for the future of the Environmental Protection Agency as the institution is gearing towards repealing and replacing a regulation on fossil fuels usage from the Obama administration known as Clean Power Plan. While many top offices remain vacant since Trump rose to power, the new appointment will help reduce this deficit. Confirmation by the Senate will propel Mr. Wheeler as the second most powerful individual in the institution behind Scott Pruitt who is the administrator at the moment. The move was hailed as a solid choice by the Institute for Energy Research president Thomas J. Pyle.

For starters, this is a group that promotes the use of fossil fuels while at the same time opposing the policies issued on climate change. The same person spoke about the qualification and ability of the new appointee. He said that he had the ability of working with the Congress and understanding the needs of the Trump administration. For the past eight years, the new appointee has plied his trade with the Faegre Baker Daniels law firm. This is a law firm that has managed to land high profile clients such as Murray Energy. It goes without saying that Murray Energy is one of the largest companies in the United States specializing in coal mining. Prior to this role, the new deputy EPA chief worked in Washington for over 10 years. He was working for the Oklahoma Senator Inhofe as the senior counsel. He also held another position with the Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Works where he was the staff director. He was praised by the current EPA director as having dedicated his life to bettering environmental outcomes for the American people. He is a man who understands the importance of regulations.