Don Ressler and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Teams Up With FTBC to Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

On Tuesday evening, Kate Hudson made a guest appearance at a recent event to commemorate the launching of the global campaign by Fabletics and the Council of Fashion Designers of America for FTBC (Fashion Breast Cancer) at the Del Amo Fashion Centre Mall-based Fabletics store in Torrance, Calif. She was set to unveil the bright blue and baby pink capsule collection set to benefit the FTBC project directly.

Hudson, one of the co-founders of Fabletics brand mentioned that doing so to promote breast cancer awareness was not only something of significance to her, but also to the firm.

This was the second time this collaboration has happened with the stunning actress, fashion tastemaker and of course mother playing the ambassadorial role for October. One of the aspects of this partnership is subsequently launching a capsule collection (branded FTBC) which will be available all through October, which is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It comprises three two-piece attires designed in FTBC signature colors: high-waist leggings and sports bra, Capri and a sports brand not to mention a tank with leggings.

In her words, Hudson informed that their mission is not only to create and spread breast cancer awareness but also steer the innovative research necessary in propelling the task to eradicate breast cancer ultimately.

All proceeds will directly go towards benefitting FTBC global. All items will be available for purchase on and the 22 accredited Fabletics stores in the USA.

According to the iconic actress, the choice of outfits depends on individual preference. Nonetheless, people are more inclined to investing in and purchasing items that are meaningful. And while she reiterated the fact that her firm’s focus is on Health, she was also quick to state that it was all about the society, the support and working hard towards a course such as breast cancer that affects many women across the globe-factors that made their partnership make complete sense.

On Recent Global Events

Kate Hudson

Hudson was not short of comments stating that a lot had transpired over the last year. For her, it not only felt as if the days had flown incredibly fast, but it also felt like a long never ending year especially with everything that occurred regarding politics, life and everything that matter.

Nonetheless, to put these memories and stress to bed, she set forth the need to keep both a healthy body and mind. According to her, these two aspects need to co-exist and to guarantee so, it all begins with a sole motivation to not only think positively but also live optimistically. For her, she felt great that this is what her company and brand stood for.

On Fabletics Fashion Meets Fitness:

According to Hudson, this is a trend that she and the brand, in general, want to continue pursuing and pushing towards its expansion while taking risks mainly since this are accessories that are commonly adorned by girls across the globe on a daily basis. The fact that they are a monthly firm allows them to try out new concepts and idea and sit back to assess the response their releases get from their target market.

This, according to her is not only interesting but fun particularly for a fashion firm since it allows them to explore various styles and systems more often.

About Founders:

The Fabletics brand which Kate Hudson is the ambassador was founded and launched by Don Ressler, Adam Goldenberg and of course Kate Hudson in 2013.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler

They launched this brand after identifying a market gap in activewear industry-where the industry comprised numerous luxury brands with neither offering a premium nor stylish gear at an affordable price.

Adam Goldenberg now an established global entrepreneur made his debut in the business world when he was just 15! He created Gaming Alliance advertising and later proceeded to be the CEO of the Intermix-the firm that bought his firm-at only 20 years.

As for Don Ressler, he started his business career off early and also enjoyed a similar fate with Intermix buying his website. Through working with Intermix and a variety of online projects, he developed an interest in fashion.

These two individuals forged a stable relationship during their working time at Intermix which led them starting Intelligence Beauty in 2006, an e-commerce firm, a trend that led them to ultimately co-founding Fabletics with Kate Hudson.  Find out more about Don on