NBA Star DeAron Fox on His Love of Video Games

When you are among the top 1% of athletes on the entire planet there is a certain stereotype that is probably thrown at you. Basketball players grab the ‘jock label’ as a stereotype and as a result, most people cannot imagine them being massive gaming fans. De’Aron Fox, one of the top rookies drafted just a few months ago, is trying to shift that label away from his profession. Fox was drafted at fifth overall back in the 2017 NBA Draft and he’ll make his NBA debut for the Sacramento Kings here shortly. However, there is more to the basketball player than meets the eye.

De’Aron Fox recently signed the rookie contract that would make him wealthy beyond his wildest dreams, but it wasn’t a defining moment for the young prospect and nor was it a life-changing one. Instead, it was just the first of many contracts that the rookie would be signing but his latest contract will surely make people raise their eyebrows. It was recently reported that Fox signed a deal with HyperX, a company known for creating the gaming headsets that professional gamers wear while they are competing. HyperX is also working alongside Fox to design and build a special, custom-made video game room. Now, why would Fox need a gaming room?

Well, it turns out that Fox is one of the biggest gamers in the NBA. Some of his favorite games, including ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Dragon Ball’, he will stream himself playing over the website Twitch. On Twitch fans from around the world can tune in and watch as he games, interacting with his fans at the same time. This is a unique way for fans to interact with NBA players and it is one that would not have been possible just a decade ago. Due to his fascination with playing ‘Dragon Ball’ over Twitch Nike even sent him a special pair of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ shoes.

Still, Fox isn’t solely about video games. He is also a baller who recently made his NBA debut in a preseason game against the San Antonio Spurs. Fox said of the debut, “I know it’s just the preseason, but this is my dream and it felt good to finally live it out.” In the game Fox would score 16 points while shooting 7/8 from the field. Fox will be leaned on heavily in the coming year as one of Sacramento’s biggest stars.

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