New Hair Color Shades From Lime Crime And Doe Deere

Rainbow hair

The fall season is a time of the year when many people begin to experiment with hair color. They often use darker shades on the hair, such as chocolate brown or burgundy. Lime Crime has added a few shades to its Unicorn Hair Collection so that women have more options other than brown, black or red. There is a Gothic look with the new hair colors, but it’s something that many people who use the hair collection might enjoy because it allows women to express their unique personality in a way other than wearing makeup. The first hair colors in the Unicorn Collection were bright, such as blue, yellow, and pink. The new shades are a bit darker and dramatic for fall.

The colors introduced in the line have fun names that make you think about the fall season and about Halloween. Chestnut is a deep maroon that glistens on each strand. If you like purple, then you’re going to want to try Squid. It almost looks spooky on the hair and is a good color to use around Halloween. Go darker with Charcoal, a dusty gray that can sometimes appear darker in the right light. Sea Witch looks like the name implies. It’s a shade of green that looks like the tail of a mermaid. All of the new shades provide full coverage on the hair. When Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, decided to release the colors, it wasn’t by any kind of accident. There was a purpose in releasing the darker colors.

Lime Crime announced on Instagram that the new colors are meant for people who have hair that is darker or who are a brunette because the shades provide better coverage for these hair colors. The new shades released let brunettes and those who have darker hair go a little wild by changing their colors. Women can have brighter shades without turning to bleach while keeping the hair healthy. There isn’t any kind of lightening required for the new shades introduced in the Unicorn Collection. This is a benefit in itself because women won’t have to use a lot of products on the hair to reach a lighter shade before applying a different color. The longest part of dyeing the hair will be waiting for the color to set in, especially if the hair is a darker shade. The dye will fade after a few washes, leaving behind beautiful color without any kind of odd tinting.

It’s taken about three years for Lime Crime to create the darker shades and to market them. Sea Witch is a popular shade among those who work at Lime Crime. It’s a mesmerizing shade of green that takes you to the ocean each time you look at your hair. Chestnut and Squid are colors that scream fall. Charcoal is a color that is trending on Instagram more than others because it’s a shade that is the complete opposite of what Lime Crime usually releases. These shades aren’t as vibrant as the colors released in the initial batch of the Unicorn Collection, but they do offer beauty and vibrancy to the hair in their own way.

Many people want to know who Doe Deere is and what Lime Crime is all about. Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that Doe started as a way for women to showcase their inner beauty no matter what colors they like to wear. Doe started out on eBay in 2004 when she registered her fashion line. In 2008, she launched Lime Crime, a company that has seen numerous successes with everything from eye shadow to lip gloss. Doe chose the name Lime Crime because lime is her favorite color. She also feels that looking good should be considered a crime when you’re comfortable with yourself and when you’re wearing makeup that brings you out of your comfort zone.

There isn’t a typical day for Doe at Lime Crime. Advertising and communicating with those who wear the products from the company is often done on Instagram. She enjoys seeing how other people combine colors and the ideas that they come up with when putting together makeup and hair ideas. Doe spends some days working on new products and other days catching up on what her fans enjoy most about the products that have been released.

Ideas that Doe has for colors and products are brought to life similar to how children think and how children are raised. You have to nurture them until they are ready to be released. Everyone at Lime Crime, including Doe, wears the products that are created before they are released for purchase. Doe believes in having a vision. She wants others to know that it’s alright to be unique. She also believes that being positive in every aspect of life increases the productivity that people have on a daily basis.

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