Paul Mampilly Makes a Career Change to Help Everyday Investors

Paul Mampilly Helps Everyday Investors

When it comes to newsletters, their success hinges on subscriber number, and Paul Mampilly’s “Profits Unlimited” newsletter just passed the major milestone of obtaining 60,000 subscribers. Mampilly, a former hedge fund manager, created “Profits Unlimited” to help everyday people make money on the stock market.

Years on Wall Street

Mampilly spent 20 plus years on Wall Street working with clients like Deutsche Bank, ING and Kinetics International. He is also the winner of an investment competition sponsored by the Templeton Foundation. To win the competition, Paul Mampilly increased a $50 million investment into an $88 million one. This was a 76 percent gain. He accomplished this investment success when the financial crisis was at its peak and he did so without shorting stocks, showing his skill and instinct in the financial sector.

Last year, Mampilly signed with Banyan Hill Publishing, which is an independent research firm and publishing house, one that specializes in publishing investment newsletters and research advice papers. He signed with the publishing firm to launch “Profits Unlimited.” His goal is to help everyday Americans gain access to investment opportunities. To this end, Mampilly suggests that newsletter readers invest in particular stocks. He updates the stocks on his newsletter every week. He also tracks the investments on his site to see how well they are doing.

Instead of investing capital, subscribers of the newsletter buy the stocks using their own brokerage accounts, making this a money-saving alternative to the traditional arrangement that is usually made between a financial advisor and a client. Those who are reading the newsletter and investing based on Mampilly’s advice confirm that they are earning a profit. One subscriber said, “We have purchased each of the stocks that you suggested, and they are all doing well.” He went on to say, “I must confess that it is the most profitable investment in the stock market that we have ever personally experienced.”

Earning a Profit on the Stock Market

Since launching “Profits Unlimited” several months ago, Paul Mampilly has already advised his readers to invest in stocks that are up by as much as 11 percent, 15 percent, 20 percent, 45 percent and 116 percent. Of the 11 stocks featured in his portfolio, all but a few have made investors money. The ones that are down are only down by around 2.5 percent. Overall, Paul Mampilly’s average stock selection is up by 14.5 percent since he started sharing his newsletter. This is enough to make a $10,000 portfolio into one that’s worth $11,450.

For now, the benchmark S&P 500 is up by slightly more than 5.5 percent. This means that Mampilly has at least tripled the stock market. While there are those who do well trading in the stock market regularly, it’s tough to beat. In fact, there are experts who consider it impossible, but Paul has beat the stock market time and again.

Investors should keep in mind that when it comes to purchasing a stock, there is always a level of risk. People who invest over the long term decrease their risks. The reason for this is that U.S. stocks always shift up and down. Short-term investing is a different story. Paul said, “Stock markets swing wildly from day to day. In the last eight years, we’ve had three flash crashes where stocks fell 10 percent in a few minutes. We’ve also had two mini bear markets. While our goal is always to make money, I’m not going to bat a thousand. No one does.”

A Method with Protection

To limit the risk of short-term investments in the stock market, Paul Mampilly focuses on safety in “Profits Unlimited” by including a small-loss strategy. Basically, he advises his readers to establish a stop loss of 8 percent on each stock that they buy. This means that for every $1,000 a person invests, he or she never loses more than $80.

Paul Mampilly mainly recommends investing in the Internet of Things. The reason for this is because the Internet of Things is bringing about the world’s next big technological revolution. According to predictions, some 50 billion devices ranging from televisions to smartphones to audio speakers and cars will be connecting with one another by 2020.

He also focuses on what the millennials are up to when offering investment advice. Since the millennial generation is the largest in history, it offers untapped spending power, the kind that will launch the Dow Jones Industrial Average as high as 50,000 during the next 10 years. These are the trends that Mampilly believes will make a new group of millionaires and billionaires out of those who are ready to take advantage of new investment opportunities. With an investment history that includes Sarepta Therapeutics when it was just getting started as well as Netflix early on, industry insiders tend to listen when Paul makes investment recommendations.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly was born in India. As a young man, he immigrated to the United States. Early on, he became interested in the finance industry and investing. In fact, Wall Street fascinated him. Mampilly started his finance career as a portfolio manager for Banker’s Trust in 1991. Since then, he has held a number of top positions for renowned financial institutions.

In 2016, Paul Mampilly joined the Sovereign Society where he serves as a senior editor who specializes in assisting everyday people gain wealth through investment opportunities. Paul Mampilly’s investment success allowed him to retire from Wall Street in his 40s. He did so to spend time with his family. He enjoys reading and completes thorough research before recommending any investment.

Taking a New Direction

While Paul Mampilly continues to work in the financial sector, he does so today to assist a different clientele, one that doesn’t have millions of dollars socked away in a hedge fund. By taking a new career direction, Paul Mampilly has not only placed himself in a position to help thousands of people increase their savings, but he has also showed Wall Street that everyone can be a successful investor.

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