Randy Bryce Is the Perfect Fit for End Citizens United

End Citizens United’s mission is to promote campaign finance reform, and they have taken a step in that direction by endorsing Randy Bryce for Congress. Bryce has declared himself to be someone who wants to end the corruption that is running rampant in politics today, so he is just the person they need to help them push their agenda forward.

What’s Wrong with Paul Ryan?

Bryce will be running against the current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan who has been a staunch advocate for the status quo. He has ensured that the system that allows campaign contributions to be donated in large sums without full disclosure to continue, and this is exactly what End Citizens United wants to fight.

Ryan is also in the pockets of special interests and has fought against the very legislation that would help End Citizens United realize its goal. For example, Ryan has personally campaigned against McCain-Feingold that would reform campaign finances and the DISCLOSE Act that would require political donors to disclose the amount of money that they donate to political campaigns. Ryan is also against the reason that End Citizens United exists. As the name says, End Citizens United wishes to overturn Citizens United with a Constitutional amendment, and Paul Ryan is against this because he believes that the Supreme Court’s decision was correct.

Who Is Randy Bryce?

Randy Bryce is a breath of fresh air for End Citizens United because he will work to overturn Citizens United and introduce campaign finance reforms that will prevent donors from secretly contributing limitless amounts of money to our political system. He also wants to change the system so that it represents the will of the people rather than that of the special interests.

According to End Citizens United, Randy Bryce is a defender of the people, and they are enthusiastic about endorsing him for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. Randy looks forward to putting the interests of the ultra rich, influential elite and special interest groups behind the interests of the people of Wisconsin and others so that the United States of America can serve the majority of the people.

Demonstrating that his campaign is powered by the people, he has boasted that he is receiving just $25 per campaign donation. In fact, a full 82 percent of the contributions that Bryce received came from small donors. Some donors have given $200 or more to the campaign, but this only comes to about 15 percent of the total. Small donations add up to $353,000, and this is encouraging donors from outside of the state of Wisconsin to donate to Randy’s campaign as well.

End Citizens United Continues to Grow

End Citizens United appears to be growing and only needed three months to raise $4 million this year. Before the 2018 Congressional elections, End Citizens United hopes to have raised $35 million, and the group is well on its way to doing so. During the first quarter, 100,000 people offered their contributions, and 40,000 of this group were first-time donors.

According to End Citizens United, Americans are increasing their donations because it appears that their efforts are making a difference. They believe that the current political system is not working in their best interests because they are not giving the largest endowments, but End Citizens United is doing a lot to change that perception of the political landscape. It is also clear that American citizens are extremely unhappy about President Donald Trump’s win. They are not in favor of his agenda at all and do not like the fact that he put Judge Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.

Randy Bryce is a populist who has a working class background, and many Democrats and activist groups are standing firmly behind him. He is so well-liked by everyone that a political activist from Ohio who panned to challenge Paul Ryan for his Congressional seat decided to drop out of the race and endorse Randy Bryce instead.

Randy has support from the Service Employees International Union that has stated that Bryce is “a champion for the hard working people of Wisconsin.” He has fought against the corporate agenda that the Republicans endorse, and he plans to bring his way of thinking to Washington, D.C.

About End Citizens United

End Citizens United had its beginnings on March 1, 2015 with the purpose of opposing the negative outcome that the Citizens United decision created, and they hope to transform our corrupt campaign financing system in the process. They plan to take actions against the destructive forces that took over our political system, and they will do this by supporting candidates and ballot measures that further the cause of campaign finance reform.

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