Bobby Baker Dies at 89

The New York Times yesterday confirmed the death of Bobby Baker. He managed a feat that many people had failed in by dying on his birthday. He died at the age of 89 in his St. Augustine home in Florida. Craig Funeral Home in St. Augustine confirmed his death to the media. This is a man who managed to become one of the most influential men in America in the 1960s. However, he managed the feat as a non-elected official. He was very close to Lyndon B. Johnson. Things didn’t quite end well years later as he was jailed for several crimes including tax evasion. As a teenager, he moved to Washington where he would work at the teenage Senate page. However, he didn’t serve in this role for long as he managed to become the secretary of the Democrats by 1955. This was a very important role back then that involved counting votes before any legislation. This is a position that allowed him to serve as an influence bargaining conduit. Finally, through this position, he was also able to attend to the needs of senators including extracurricular needs. Because of the power that he amassed, he was referred as the 101st Senator.

He was also able to develop a close relationship with Lyndon Johnson who was serving as a Senate Majority leader back then. Because of the bond that they shared. He was referred to Little Lyndon by many people in Washington. While he knew many secrets, he managed to spill some over the years. For instance, he was able to spill some during a 1978 memoir and a recorded session by the Senate Historical Office back in 2009. Due to his knowledge, power, and position, he was immune from scrutiny. However, things got nasty in 1963 when he was investigated for corruption. By then, John F. Kennedy was the president while Johnson was the vice president. Nonetheless, the investigation never materialized following Kennedy assassination in 1963. Despite Johnson being the president, Bobby Baker would be convicted for theft, conspiracy to defraud the government and tax evasion in 1967. He only served a sentence of 15 months from 1971. This was only possible after a series of appeals. Bobby Baker was born Robert Gene Baker in Easley, South Carolina. He was born on 12th November 1928. He managed to be elected to the Senate Page School at the age of 14. This came after another boy refused to take the offer.