Getting into College is Becoming Tougher Nowadays

Many people in the education sector will admit to you that the admission process is not like it used to be in the past. This is what a heartbroken applicant will tell you after they realize that they will never get to their dream school. High school counsellors will tell you the same. These are the people who continue to believe that colleges nowadays no-longer reward promising students as they used to in the past. This could be determined by service to others, determination, and even creativity. The funny part is that even gatekeepers at these universities will tell you that the selection system has changed. If you ask some few people about how the system should be fixed, they will give you a variety of answers. However, most of these people will tell you that the American colleges should stop considering children because their parents are an alumni of the institution.

This is similar to telling you that parents’ connections should not play a major role in determining who gets to college. This is what has been ongoing in America, the debate keeps boiling over and over. At the moment, the Justice Department is looking into a complaint that was brought to light by a group of 64 Asian-American Association students. There is also another complaint by the Fair Admissions. A group of students has filed a lawsuit against several high profile universities for discrimination. These universities include the University of Texas at Austin, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Harvard University. In the year 2016, the US Supreme Court made it clear that American institutions can use race to determine who enters into the organizations. However, a recent study shows that a majority of Americans are not satisfied with the decision.

People who oppose the decision say that there are plenty of areas where legal challenges can arise. An American researcher who has specialized with Education Testing Service by the name Dr. Zwick says that prowess is not enough to guarantee a student a spot at the university. Dr. Zwick works at the University of California at Santa Barbara as a professor emeritus. An admission expert says that just like teenagers are handed assignments by their parents, the same is for admissions leaders with their institutions. They are often given a list of the things that the institution wants from the students. Whenever these leaders cannot deliver, they are usually fired.