How President Trump Celebrated his Thanksgiving

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Friday, October 6, 2017. (Official White House photo by Shealah Craighead)

President Trump was celebrating his first Thanksgiving in office, and he seemed to enjoy every bit of the holiday. He was reminded of the life he once lived before was elected president as he spent the day as a civilian. He spent the whole day at his Palm Beach Properties. However, he carried his office phone and didn’t disappoint in tweeting. This happened during the morning hours, and he reminded people that America was winning. He started his tweets by wishing the 43 million people who follow him a happy Thanksgiving. He didn’t stop there as he told his followers some reasons why they should be thankful for being Americans. He told his followers that America was doing quite well. He further reminded them that the stock market had rebounded and jobs were coming back.

He said that the country’s military had stabilized and was becoming strong every day. At the same time, he reminded them of the Mexican Wall that will keep immigrants away from their jobs. President Trump also spoke about the lowest rate of unemployment, the justice being given by the Supreme Court and taking care of their veterans. He later did a video teleconference with service members from the five branches of the military. For the servicemen that are deployed at different parts of the globe, the president reminded them that they were fighting for something real. At the same time, he told the servicemen that while they were away, something good happened in America. He was talking about the upcoming tax reform. He called it beautiful, fat and big tax cuts.

Mr. Trump was talking from a lavish room at his hotel. In the past few months, he has referred to the Mar-a-Lago hotel as the Winter White House. He said that he was happy about the progress that had been experienced in Iraq and Afghanistan particularly in the fight against the Islamic State. He said that he had achieved more than the previous administration. Later that day, he attended an event that had been organized at Riviera Beach Coast Guard station. He continued talking about his achievements at this event. He was also joined by first lady Melania Trump, and together they handed out cookies, muffins as well as an assortment of fruit. He said that his administration had ordered new military equipment such as Air Force planes, navy ships as well as Coast Guard cutters. He also talked about an invisible fighter that was to come.