Mary Adelman dies at the Age of 89

Mary Adelman has passed away at the age of 89 and her death was confirmed by the New York Times yesterday. This is a woman who will be remembered for a typewriter-repair shop in Manhattan that helped famous writers in America. She is said to have died while in her home in Washington. Information about her death was first confirmed by Anne Adelman, who is her daughter. She said that her mother had succumbed to dementia complications. Her shop in New York was known as Osner Business Machines. As the same time, the shop was located south of the 79th Street at 393 Amsterdam Avenue. Some of the problems that she managed to help typists with include ruined ribbons as well as problematic platens. Her store also sorted typists with bent key problems. She used to own the shop long before the introduction of computers and processors. Being busy meant that the place was full with typewriters to be repaired. At the same time, when the machines could not be repaired they were either cannibalized for parts or even sold. Till her death, she still believed that a typewriter remained a personal item even with the introduction of computers. She was against the notion that a typewriter was just another metal.

What turned out later, her shop would become a lifesaver for people wishing to keep writing but were been let down by their machines. This is why it was referred to as the Upper West Side Fixer. Notable people who sought her services included the likes of Smith-Corona, Joseph Heller as Well as Philip Roth. She also repaired the typewriters that belonged to Gene Shalit, Nora Ephron, Erich Maria Remarque and not forgetting David Mamet and Isaac Bashevis Singer. She was even featured as a character by one of these writers. She is the mysterious character in the novel The Girl Who Ran off with Daddy by David Handler. People who ever used her services remember that the pace was always full with people such that it was difficult to get past the doors. Murray Schisgal eulogized Mary Adelman. He said that the time he spent with her turned out to be the best in his life. However, for Mary Adelman, life was not always easy. Having been born in Antwerp, Belgium, on 2nd March 1928, she had to flee the country when it was occupied by Nazis in the year 1941.