No Activity Reported From Missing Submarine

The crew on a submarine off the coast of Argentina sent a disturbing message just a short time before they weren’t heard from again. The message was sent about 12 days ago when radar images faded. Crew members reported that there was a battery short-circuiting on the submarine and a fire that was spreading. Water was entering through snorkel areas of the submarine, flooding the inside. This happened as the crew was changing batteries on the vessel.

As the water started entering the battery compartment, it started to short out the unit. There is no way to determine if there was a large fire or if it was simply a large amount of smoke without any kind of flames. There were 44 members on the submarine at the time the Navy lost contact. The captain later reported that the fire had been contained, but there has still been no word from the crew members. The battery had to be disconnected and isolated while the crew maintained sailing in the water. Crew members last sent a message on November 15.

There has been an explosion recorded in the area where the last messages were received. This has caused any hope for finding survivors to dwindle as it’s possible that the explosion was that of the submarine. No debris has been seen floating on the water, and there hasn’t been any sign of items from the crew members floating on the water. There was enough oxygen on the submarine to last for about 10 days, which would have expired roughly two days ago. The submarine was built in 1985 and went through a refitting process in 2014 with no issues seen. The families are holding out hope for good news, but as each day passes, the hope that is present dwindles away.