Ohio Program For Kids Defrauds Donors

Cops For Kids is a charity program established in states across the country by police officers who want to offer assistance to families who might not be able to purchase school supplies or clothing. The program usually helps with a few Christmas gifts as well. The Attorney General in Ohio has announced that there is now a lawsuit against organizers of the program because they are defrauding the people who are donating funds.

All of the money that the organization receives is supposed to help children and families. Donors understand this when they give money, which is why many people donate. Some businesses donate large amounts of money as well as items that can be given to the children. The program in Ohio recently collected $4.2 million to spend on families between 2005 and 2015. However, only 2 percent of that amount was spent on the people who needed it most. The rest of the money went to the solicitor of the program, Telcom Enterprises. A little over $800,000 of the money raised paid salaries and other fees for the police department.

Residents in Ohio thought that the money they were giving would go to a good cause. They believed the police officers were doing a good thing. The solicitor of Cops For Kids took a large cut of the money that was raised. The police department also kept money that was supposed to be spent on children, putting the department in a negative light. Some of the money that has been used for the program has helped to purchase boxes of stuffed animals for police departments and has been given for students to attend college. The lawsuit intends to keep the organizers from further seeking money from donors. The Attorney General also plans to seek restitution for the money that was given by residents.