Six Tips From Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical on Keeping the Air Flowing

It is easy to overspend during the summer as advertisements equate summer fun to increased spending. Working parents may spend extra money on childcare when their kids are out of school, and some people pay to send their kids to summer camps instead. Families often take summer vacations, and hotels, gas and other expenses are usually priced higher to match the increased demand. Here are some ways to save money this summer.

  1. Water The Grass Sparingly

Americans are the biggest consumers of the world’s water supply, and nearly 70 percent of American water goes to residential areas. A considerable portion of that water is used to hydrate grass, gardens and plants during the summer. Although some people water their lawns once or twice in the span of 24 hours, grass should only be watered every five to seven days. In Arizona, it is better to water at night to allow the moisture to saturate the ground. Homeowners can also invest in decorative rocks, artificial turf or desert landscaping for long-term savings on water.

  1. Look For Free Summer Activities

Every city has several free or low-cost activities. Families can go camping at a nearby lake or look for hiking trails. Some theaters show cheap older movies during afternoon hours. Local churches, schools, libraries and other organizations offer educational or fun activities that are free or cheap. These are great alternatives for expensive summer camps.

  1. Buy A Push Mower

With an average-sized property, most people do not need to hire someone to mow the lawn. Many mowing companies use gas mowers. Push mowers are better for the environment, and they save homeowners the costs of complex repairs and fuel. According to the EPA, the annual amount of gas spilled by Americans who are trying to refill their lawn mowers is more than the equivalent amount of oil spilled during the Exxon Valdez disaster.

  1. Turn The Water Temperature Down

When the cooler winter months arrive, many homeowners turn up the temperature on the water heater. Most people forget to turn the temperature down when summer arrives. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an average American family wastes as much as $400 each year on heating their water hotter than necessary. This cost-saving step is worth the investment of a few minutes since most people do not notice the water temperature difference after an adjustment.

  1. Plan A Home Vacation

Families who live in bigger cities can find activities to do within the city. Those who live in rural areas can plan day trips to nearby towns or attractions without spending much. There may be ghost towns, historic homes or other intriguing places just minutes away. Some online research may uncover little-known fun or peculiar places. People who would like to get away but want to save money can plan a week of meals with a dish from a different country each day. Families can make this theme more exciting by also finding one or more movies or documentaries about each chosen country. For families who do not want to sacrifice an annual vacation, it is cheaper to travel during spring break.

  1. Turn Up The Thermostat

According to Energy Star, about 50 percent of home energy consumption is attributed to heating and cooling. With the blistering temperatures of late summer, many people in Arizona turn their thermostats lower. Energy experts recommend turning the thermostat as high as possible to save money on air conditioning. If possible, program the thermostat higher at night. Programmable thermostats can save families over $150 per year. It also helps to have efficient windows and doors that do not have gaps or cracks. Additionally, good insulation helps lower energy costs. There is insulation available today that also serves as a long-term method of pest control.

About Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical, Inc.

In 1926, the Goettl brothers started their own business in Mansfield, Ohio. Three of them moved to Arizona during the Great Depression for new opportunities. They were successful and became pioneers in producing evaporative coolers, which grew to international popularity. The three brothers started Goettl Air Conditioning in Phoenix. They were also a part of other cooling and heating innovations throughout the next several decades, and they held over 100 patents at one point.

Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical is owned by two grandsons of one of the founding Goettl brothers. Adam and Ted Goettl have been installing, maintaining and repairing cooling and heating systems in Arizona for 30 years. The brothers have preserved their family’s mission of providing personalized high-quality service. Their company works with both residential and commercial clients, and Goettl’s is especially known for its impressive service record with tract housing developments during the past 10 years.

The Goettl brothers have experience working with all sizes and types of HVAC systems and are familiar with all brands of air conditioners, heating units and water heaters. They also offer duct sealing and geothermal heating. Additionally, Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical offers comprehensive plumbing services to residents in Prescott, Sedona, Verde Valley and nearby cities.