Disney Admits Gaffe with ‘Frozen’ Short

If you are heading to the movie theaters this holiday season to see Disney’s family-friendly and critically acclaimed ‘Coco’, you likely won’t see a special, 22 minute long ‘Frozen’ short that had previously been attached to the film. Disney has always made a habit of putting short films in front of their longer attractions but fans weren’t exactly thrilled to be forced to sit through 22 minutes of Olaf inspired adventure. Disney got so much backlash, in fact, that they have actually decided to pull the short from all future screenings of Coco.

Frozen has long been one of the hottest properties in the entire Disney library. It makes complete sense that Disney would want to cash in by fueling up hype for a potential Frozen sequel. While fans and children were content to sit through the actual Frozen feature film dozens of times, they weren’t quite having it as a short film that delayed all of their Coco goodness. The big problem, as it turns out, was the runtime of the short. At 22 minutes long, the Frozen short film helped to create a full 44 minutes of footage before the actual movie, Coco, got to start. With children already being notoriously fickle about sitting in a dark and quiet theater, this just wasn’t a good business decision.

Unfortunately for Coco, the Frozen kerfuffle has taken away the spotlight from what has otherwise been an incredible year for Disney. Coco has widely been looked at as one of the top entries in the Disney animated library in recent years thanks to its warm and inspired take on the ‘Day of the Dead’ story. Coco also takes time to celebrate culture and diversity while giving viewers a chance to step into a completely new world.

Thankfully, Disney is pulling the bloated short from the movie pre-roll starting on December 8th. Fans of Frozen shouldn’t be too upset, however, as Frozen is definitely going to be a major part of Disney’s future. RIght now fans have November of 2019 slotted as the release schedule for ‘Frozen 2’. As far as what will happen to ‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’, well, those 22 minutes will likely make their way to television at some point in time for a mini-special. Frozen will be here for a long time to come but we heavily suggest people go out and see Coco before the film is out of theters.