The Rock Opens Up About ‘Jumanji’ on Press Tour

Hollywood has seemingly doubled-down on their efforts to remake or adapt everything that we held dear from the ’90s. Most recently, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has teamed up with Kevin Hart and Jack Black in order to bring ‘Jumanji’ back to the silver screen. Most people probably saw the trailer for the film and immediately thought, “Well, they went a different way with the sequel.” However, that simply isn’t the case. In fact, Johnson and co have hit the press tour in order to push back against the idea that it is a direct sequel at all!

The entire cast of the new Jumanji film, which also includes Karen Gillan and Joe Jonas, has been going hard in order to get the word out as the Christmas release date nears. Johnson was particularly vocal and empathetic to those that loved the ’90s film, starring Robin Williams, while still insisting that they were going to do something special. Johnson said, “We wanted to show homage and respect to Robin Williams who we knew and love, and what he did.” Johnson goes on to explain, “And also wanted to, not necessarily create our own rules, but know that we had a canvas to play with that we could build on.”

Johnson and his team of producers have been intelligent about how they chose to market their new film, subtitled ‘Welcome to the Jungle’. While paying respect to the original movie, Johnson and his team have also created the required distance between the two properties so as to give some room for their cast to shine in a new light. Instead of having fans constantly worried about connections to the original film, such as the dangerous Van Pelt, they can instead move to expand the entire universe that the game exists in.

Dwayne Johnson has been one of the busiest actors in Hollywood over the past five or six years and his work almost always has commercial weight when it hits the box office. As one of the most prominent titles to hit the box office this winter, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ should be able to more than make up for its exorbitant budget and A-List cast. Fans coming into ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ looking for a direct sequel will likely be upset. However, those fans that come to the theaters ready to see something new may end up leaving with a fun experience.

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