Tyrese Says He Married His Ex-Wife To Keep Her In The Country

Tyrese is in the middle of a nasty custody battle with his ex-wife Norma. He has been posting rants on social media for the past several weeks. He talked about why he married his ex-wife in his latest rant. He stated that he married his ex-wife in order to keep his daughter in the country.

Tyrese stated that he and his ex-wife were never happily married, and they were not in love. He also stated that only seven people were at the wedding. Tyrese initially hid the marriage from the media. However, Tyrese stated that he does not feel the need to hide anything because he is known for being over-the-top.

Tyrese also revealed a lot of other shocking things in his latest rant. Last month, he announced that his wife was pregnant. He recently stated that his wife is not pregnant and was never pregnant. Additionally, Tyrese admitted that he is not broke. He blamed his rants on the meds.

Tyrese stated that he has taken care of all of his lawyer fees. He had to pay one lawyer $108,000. He paid the other attorney $20,000. Tyrese also apologized to Will and Jada. He stated that they were going to give him $5 million. He apologized to them privately and publicly.

Tyrese lost custody of his daughter a few months ago. His ex-wife claimed that he spanked his daughter so hard that she could no longer sit down. However, the court recently ruled in favor of Tyrese. He will have 50/50 custody of his daughter starting in January. He will also be able to spend the holidays with his daughter.

Tyrese has admitted to spanking his daughter, but he denies abusing her. He said that his ex-wife made up the abuse claims because she is upset that he has remarried.