California Politicians’ Habit Of Hiring Family Members Is An Eyebrow Raiser For Some

Judy McCarthy, the wife of the top-ranked Republican party member in the State of California has been officially employed by the California Republican Party for over three years now and has earned more than $160,000 in that time.

McCarthy is married to Kevin McCarthy, Senate House Majority Leader and is an employee of the party’s donor program. McCarthy’s job duties include contacting party donors, scheduling appointments and making arrangements for meetings.

Cynthia Bryant, executive director for the California GOP said that McCarthy’s selection for employment was the result of fair and open competition that included an interview in Sacramento. Bryant went on to explain that she was initially unaware of the connection between Judy McCarthy and her husband Kevin when first reading McCarthy’s resume.

The tendency for some California politicians to employ family members in official capacities during campaigns has been a controversial topic for some time now.

California Representative Dana Rohrabacher, who is a Republican from the city of Costa Mesa, drew criticism for employing his wife Rhonda to run his campaign for years at a cost to the party of $50,000. And Karen Waters, daughter of Democratic Representative Maxine Waters has earned hundreds of thousands of dollars for overseeing a state mailer that is named ‘Citizens For Waters.’

Officials for the California GOP are adamant that McCarthy’s position is different from the other scenarios in that her efforts to raise money are to benefit candidates other than her husband. GOP officials also want it noted that the salary received by McCarthy is paid by the party and does not come from her husband’s campaign.

Nonetheless, the McCarthy name is a powerful one with Republican donors in the state of California. Prior to working in Congress, Kevin McCarthy was the Assembly GOP leader for the state and still has close ties to many state Republicans.

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