“Inhumans” Seems to Have Been Quietly Canceled

Though they have not made a formal announcement, it seems that ABC has decided to cancel Marvel’s Inhumans after one lackluster season.

As revealed by SpoilerTV, the network’s official press website has removed references to the show. While this does not confirm anything, it at least paints the program as something that ABC does not wish to talk about.

Inhumans has been called the first real failure of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, receiving negative attention even before the show came out. The premise is that the titular Inhumans are a race of beings who live on the moon and gain their powers from a substance called Terrigen Mist. They have a strict caste system based on what powers one receives from the Mist, with powerless people being slaves. The focus is on the Inhumans’ Royal Family, who are exiled to Earth when Maximus (Iwan Rheon), the powerless brother of King Black Bolt (Anson Mount), holds a coup.

The show had numerous problems. For one, there is immediately an issue when our “heroes” are trying to uphold an unjust social system that our “villain” wants to end, even if the protagonists’ arcs are about realizing that their beliefs are flawed. More to the point, many felt that series was rushed, with a budget too small to provide the interesting visuals that the show needed. For example, Queen Medusa (Serinda Swan) is supposed to have super-strong, prehensile hair; their attempt to do this in the pilot looked fake, and then she had her hair shaved off for the rest of the season, rendering her powerless.

There has also been something of a backlash against the Inhumans franchise among Marvel’s fanbase. The company has been trying to promote them heavily in the comics, seemingly at the expense of the X-Men franchise; both the comics and the show also feature “NuHumans,” Inhumans born among normal people who gain powers later, which essentially steals the X-Men‘s whole shtick. Many have accused Marvel of doing this because Fox owned the TV and film rights to X-Men.

This is another point: Disney/Marvel has recently bought the rights to X-Men back. Because of that, it may be that they plan to downplay the Inhumans going forward, and instead bring the Merry Mutants back into their traditional prominence in the MCU.