Mighty Fortress Church: Connecting With God in the Modern World

Mighty Fortress Church inspires and unites Minneapolis worshipers in an inviting, inclusive setting. The church’s mission is to bring believers together in a place where all are welcome, regardless of background and no matter what past experiences they bring. Bishop Thomas Williams and First Lady Sabrina Williams seek to help congregants fulfill their purpose through the word of God.

The Mission of Mighty Fortress Church International

Mighty Fortress International provides a coming-together point for receiving God’s message of love and acceptance. Senior pastor Thomas Williams believes the wisdom found in His word can solve a host of problems plaguing our world. From poverty and disease to the throngs of people turning their backs on God, Pastor Williams is confident that those who hear the Word will find the knowledge and power needed to experience the peace, health, and prosperity that can be ours.

Uniting Believers in Minneapolis, MN

Joining fellow believers in prayer helps unite us as a people outside the realm of worship as well. Under the Williams family’s leadership, church services here integrate many cultures. People from all walks of life congregate to form a large, harmonious community of Christians uniting in worship. That sense of fellowship among diverse groups of people carries on outside the Church and is shared with the larger community.

A Modern Place of Worship

Mighty Fortress Church offers modern churchgoers a contemporary approach to Christian living. Bishop Williams warns visitors seeking dramatic sermons peppered with theatrics that he delivers God’s word in a drama-free format. While he’s passionate and engaging in his enthusiasm for spreading the message, the pastor believes in providing his congregation with the words and perspective that allow them to apply it in a practical, livable way. You won’t sit through dull, repetitive sermons week after week, either. This church is focused on helping each member find meaning instead of going through memorized motions without feeling truly present in the moment.

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A Judgement-Free Zone

Mighty Fortress offers a casual environment, so feel free to come as you are. You don’t have to be a longtime believer to fit in at Mighty Fortress, either. In fact, the church is proud to welcome any and all. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to worshiping as part of a group, looking for a new church in Minneapolis, exploring the idea of Christianity or returning to church after years of absence. The goal is to help each visitor develop a relationship with God based on His presence in our lives. In addition, the church is a wonderful place to build meaningful relationships with others in the community.

Stay Connected To the Church

The church offers many ways to connect spiritually and socially. Seminars, meetings and other events allow congregants to gather outside church services. Men, women, youths, singles and couples can experience fellowship and address needs specific to each group at organized events. Bible-based educational activities are available for children; these sessions have the added benefit of helping church staff develop their teaching skills.

Other Ways to Connect

Mighty Fortress International offers live streaming of church services for those who can’t be there in person. Evangelism is alive and well at the church as well. Specially trained support staff reach out to the community, welcoming those who haven’t been saved or are in need of a spiritual home. Drama and dance training and performances allow for creative expression of the Word and its meaning; training is offered to anyone wishing to perform. Members may submit prayer requests for those in need of the spiritual energy provided by an entire congregation united in prayer and love, whether due to illness or other difficult circumstances.

Applying the Bible’s Lessons in Today’s World

Mighty Fortress approaches the word of God as the answer to all of life’s problems. From racism to the societal disintegration of morals, fulfilling relationships with God and other believers can solve our most distressing troubles. With so many ways to learn, integrate and share biblical teachings, applying God’s word to daily life feels like a natural way of living. Newcomers often find it surprising that they’re only now discovering this beautiful way of learning and loving.

Bishop Thomas Williams and First Lady Sabrina R. Williams use their educational and ministerial backgrounds to help unite churchgoers and deepen their biblical knowledge. With academic and real-world experience in a range of religious and other disciplines, the two are well-equipped to build bridges between church members, God and the rest of the community. Bishop and Mrs. Williams are parents to three children, and their commitment to family is an essential part of their lives. The Williams family welcomes new and existing members to join them for services at Mighty Fortress International; services are held at the following location:

Excell Academy For Higher Learning
6510 Zane Avenue North, Suite 107
Brooklyn Park, MN 55429