Nikki Haley Says That The Tweet by Trump Was to Keep Kim Jong Un on Toes

The US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley has said that the tweet by US president Donald Trump that went viral last week about the size and strength of his nuclear button was meant to keep the supreme leader in Pyongyang on toes. The pressure by both the United States and the United Nations has started to fruit some extraordinary progress with the repressive regime in North Korea opening a communication line with Seoul in the South Korean border village of Panmunjom after 24 months of no formal contact between the two countries on Tuesday.

The agenda on the North Korean Denuclearization is set to dominate the plans that are set to be discussed by officials during the fourth coming Pyeongchang Winter Olympic games in February. However, the US president has dismissed any incentives for peace talks with Pyongyang. On Tuesday, he tweeted that though Kim had a nuclear button that was always within his reach in his office in Pyongyang, he had a more prominent button that was more powerful as compared to the one In North Korea. President Trump also added that his button indeed works. The tweet came after one of the big news houses published an article regarding the mental capacity of Donald Trump to have the right temperament to serve as Commander-in-chief.

The article had triggered a mainstream storm in the political circles and especially from legislators of the conservative party. Nikki Haley has before said that for there to be any meaningful talks between Pyongyang and Washington, Kim Jong Un had first of all to abandon his ballistic nuclear missile program. The UN General Assembly has in the past unanimously passed economic sanctions to pressure North Korea to destroy its stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction and seize making any more tests on his ballistic missiles.

When Haley was asked on Sunday on whether the tweet by the US president was an informed decision given the height of tensions in the Korean peninsula and between him and Kim, she said that it was just meant to keep the North Korean leader on his toes. She said that the American government under the leadership of President Trump would never let the North Korean leader become so arrogant in his delusions of grandeur and forget the reality of the consequences of an eventual nuclear conflict. Haley said that she was dealing with all the actors in the Pyongyang-Washington row and that everybody was entitled to their opinion.