North Korea Leader Warns Of Possible Attack

The new year has stated with more threats to the United States from Kim Jong-un and North Korea. The leader of North Korea has made claims that missiles can reach the United States and that the country should be alert. He also declared that there is a button on his desk that is considered his “nuclear button.” He can press this at any time he feels, ordering the launch of nuclear missiles.

Even though he has threatened the United States, he is now trying to make amends with South Korea. There have been tensions with South Korea over the course of several years, but Kim is looking for ways to at least reach a civil agreement in the near future so that the two countries can coincide together. There should be peace between North and South Korea, but leaders of both sides need to make an effort. There is a possibility that North Korea will send participants to the Winter Olympics this year if an agreement can be made between the two leaders.

Although Kim is trying to make peace with South Korea, he still has his sights set on the United States. Leaders in South Korea have agreed to talk about the Winter Olympics, but some fear that more details could be discussed that would put both North and South Korea against the United States. President Donald Trump has a few choice words for Kim, referring to him as “little rocket man.” President Trump hasn’t offered a lot of details about how he feels about the recent threats made by the North Korea leader. He only wants to sit back and see what will happen. However, if North Korea strikes, then there will likely be an all-out war because the United States will not sit back and take the missile launch lightly.

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