North Korea Plans Military Drill The Day Before The Olympics Begin

An incredible amount of work, training, and preparation goes into putting on the Olympic Games. This year, even more preparation was necessary as the Games are being held in South Korea, an area that has a lot of geo-political significance given its neighbors to the North.

While North Korea has seemed to be open to the idea of cooperating with the South on a number of things in recent days, they are still planning a military event one day before the Olympics begin. This is an event that they do every year to mark the anniversary of the founding of their military. Still, it is troubling for some in the area because they always get a little nervous when North Korea is moving troops around every which way. The intelligence community prefers to know what the North is doing and planning at all times when possible.

The fact that they are likely to have a military event on the eve of the Olympics is only known because it is a yearly tradition. There is also evidence based on what United States satellites have been able to gather about troop movements and the gathering of people in general. North Korea has remained silent on the issue to the surprise of no one.

South Korea would like for the Olympic Games to be an event of peace and cooperation. However, the North Koreans running a military event just a day before the Games start is enough to create anger and resentment in the hearts of a lot of people. These are the South’s Games, and they do not want them spoiled by the wild actions of an unpredictable actor.

Despite all of this, there has been some progress in the relationship between North and South. Each side has come together in some ways in talks in recent days about how to progress forward with cooperation and reunification. The North even decided that they would send a team to compete in the Games, and that the team would compete under the unified Korean banner. That is something that many did not expect to happen.

All of these political chess games are almost certain to continue on. Neither side wants to lose any leverage that it does not have to give up. Therefore, expect things to continue to drag out in terms of negotiating better peace deals between the two countries in the days, weeks, and months ahead.