Producer Compares “Black Panther” to “Godfather,” “James Bond

The promotional blitz for Black Panther continues ahead of its February 16 release, with producer Nate Moore comparing the film to both James Bond and The Godfather.

The eighteenth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther will take us away from the usual American setting to Wakanda, a fictional African country. It has managed to attain high technological advancement due to the presence of vibranium, the same supernatural metal used to create Captain America’s shield; it is also extremely isolationist. Its new king T’Challa, who also protects the nation as Black Panther, seeks to change that last part, but is opposed by the revolutionary called Killmonger.

“We’ve always thought of Black Panther as a James Bond kind of movie, right? Sort of this big globetrotting epic,” Moore explained. Indeed, one could technically call the Black Panther a sort of secret agent, with his own gadgets (often made by his genius sister, Shuri) and missions to help his homeland. The only difference being that T’Challa is also the leader of the government that he represents.

Director Ryan Coogler, however, apparently had another famous movie in mind. “One of the ideas he also liked was this sort of Godfather-kind of story,” Moore continued. “When I say Godfather, it’s the idea that it’s very much a story about family and a story about an organization where new leadership is taking place.” In the film, various factions are fighting for power, he explained, and want to take Wakanda in very different directions—T’Challa wants to rejoin the wider world, while Killmonger wants it to remain insular.

He continued by saying that, while they have gone to great lengths to make Wakanda feel like a fully, fleshed-out setting, the story will not entirely be set there, allowing us to get that globetrotting feel like he was talking about. Reports have mentioned South Korea showing up in the movie, while rumors have even mentioned a possible jaunt into space—perhaps to help set up Avengers: Infinity War?

If nothing else, all of this makes clear that Black Panther is an ambitious movie, and that the power behind the scenes have some heavy inspiration. We will have to wait a few weeks and see if it lives up to all of the hype.