Strong Earthquake Off Alaska Coast

People along the west coast and in Alaska woke up early to alerts of a tsunami watch and news of a magnitude 8.0 earthquake that occurred just off the coast of Alaska. The quake’s center was just shy of 200 miles from Kodiak. Shortly after the earthquake happened, tsunami alerts were issued. The alerts warned people to move to higher ground in case there was a large wave.

Fortunately, there was not a tsunami, and the alerts were lifted after a few hours. There hasn’t been much damage reported from the quake since it was deeper in the ground and since it was a good distance from the mainland. However, some people have claimed that they felt shaking at the time of the quake. There are a few different reports that have been issued about how long the earthquake occurred. A cruise ship was in the water just south of Kodiak. The captain and a few passengers on board have reported that the quake felt like mild rattling, similar to what someone might feel if there were high waves from a storm in the ocean.

The initial readings of the earthquake were that it was an 8.2, but after further examination, seismologists scaled it back to an 8.0. People who received an alert about a possible tsunami were asked to move away from low-lying areas as a precaution so that they wouldn’t be caught off guard if a wave occurred. The first wave, if anything happened, was expected close to 2 a.m. When there wasn’t a wave seen, the alerts were canceled. This was a large earthquake for this area of the world, and there is a potential that other quakes could happen in the near future. Residents in Alaska have reported that it’s the strongest one that they have seen in almost 20 years.

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