Strong Winter Storm Expected Along The East Coast

Winter Storm Grayson has been named, and the storm is expected to bring everything from snow, dangerous wind chills and freezing rain up and down the east coast. Areas as far south as Florida could see snow flurries from the storm. This is a part of the country that usually doesn’t see winter weather. Once the storm reaches its full potential Tuesday night into Wednesday, there will likely be gusty winds along the coastline. Grayson is a storm that is expected to hug the coast instead of typical winter storms that dump snow over the interior areas of the coastal states.

There is a slight possibility that the track of the low pressure with the storm could shift, but this shift likely won’t result in a significant change for who sees winter precipitation and who doesn’t. New England could see blizzard conditions through Thursday with snowfall totals of several inches. It’s possible that flooding could occur along the coast in New England. The eastern states are expecting at least minimal power outages because of the winter weather.

Watches and warnings are in place from Florida to Maine. Coastal areas of the Carolinas are under winter storm warnings when they usually don’t see a lot of snowfall throughout the season. The cold air is already in place, so any moisture that does fall in these states will be either snow or ice. Amounts are not certain, but some areas could see two to three inches. The low-pressure system will travel up the east coast, creating a winter bomb over some areas. Amounts in Florida and Georgia are expected to be less than three inches. However, since there is a threat of freezing rain, road conditions could become dangerous soon after the storm takes shape. If the low-pressure system tracks closer to the coast, then snowfall amounts could be several inches in New England.