The American Government Charges 3 Russian Firms and 13 Nationals with Election Offenses

An American federal jury has leveled charges against 3 Russian companies and 13 Russians as part of an investigation into the meddling of the 2016 presidential election through social media misinformation and hacking of mainstream social media platforms. Special council from Britain Robert S. Mueller gave a description to promote the campaign of Republican nominee Donald Trump and sway opinion against his rival, Hillary Clinton from the Democratic Party.

In a statement issued to reporters on Friday, the Deputy Attorney General noted that the indictment accuses the Russian cybercrime suspects of undermining the public confidence in American democratic institutions and promoting discord within the American political fabric. according to how the Russian nationals have been indicted, the accused perpetrators who posed as US citizens online organized rallies that are pro-Trump within the United States and posted ads against the presidential campaigns of the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

According to the indictment, the interference first started before Trump announced his candidacy for president of the United States in 2014 which he won eventually. The indictment said that the defendants intentionally and knowingly from 2014 to now conspired with one another and with other people who are unknown and known to the Grand Jury to defraud the American government by defeating, obstructing and impairing the law functions of the United States. It added that the Russian nationals wanted to interfere with the electoral and political processes of the United States which included the 2016 presidential campaigns and election.

President Trump on Friday defended his presidential campaign through his Twitter handle saying that there was no crime committed by his campaign team. Trump added that the Russians began their anti-American campaign way back in 2014long before he made the announcement that he was running for the office of president of the United States. The spokesperson for the ministry of foreign relations in Russia, Maria Zakharova said that the accusations leveled against Moscow were absurd. She said that it was just unreasonable to accuse 13 Russian nationals of interfering with the US presidential elections.

Zakharova added that it was absurd that Washington was leveling 13 people of committing electoral crimes against the Special Forces’ billion-dollar budgets. She wrote on her Facebook page that 13 individuals could not possibly hack through the American counter-espionage efforts or against the newest technological developments. She, however, noted that she was not surprised as Kremlin had become used to the modern political reality in the United States.

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