A Ceasefire demanded By Un In Syria As Rebel-Held Areas re Pounded by Airstrikes.

On Tuesday, the UN called for an immediate ceasefire in Syria on a humanitarian basis for at least 30 days as more than 30 people have been reported to lose their lives from air strikes in the regions that are held by rebels in the northwest of the country and near the capital of Damascus. In a separate investigation, experts in war crimes and violations of the laws of war under international law said that they were conducting a series of investigations regarding bomb reports that had been made using chlorine gas which is outlawed. The Assad-administration used chlorine gas bombs against civilians in the regions that are currently being held by rebels such as Suraqeb in the northwestern provinces of Douma and Idlib near Damascus in Eastern Ghouta.

The head of the International Inquiry commission on Syria, Paulo Pinheiro said in a statement that the ongoing siege of Eastern Ghouta by the government of Syria involves the violation of international law of indiscriminate bombings and deliberate starvation of the civilian populace. Pinheiro added that the alleged air strikes on three hospitals in the region mock the very intention of the establishment of de-escalation zones. Mr. Pinheiro was referring to the truce deal that had been negotiated by the Kremlin for the territory held by the rebels who have since failed to stop fighting. In the eastern Ghouta region near the Syrian capital Damascus, 25 people including innocent civilians, women, and children lost their lives.

This happened just a day after bomb strikes of the same pocket led to the deaths of 30 more people according to the Observatory for Human Rights in Syria. In the Idlib province that is currently held by rebels, six others were killed by air strikes. Envoys from the United Nations have called for the ending of the hostilities between government forces and rebel factions to facilitate the evacuation of the wounded and the sick and the delivery of humanitarian aid. The UN has named the Afrin region led by Syrian Kurds as one of the areas of interest. The president of Syria Bashar-al-Assad in conjunction with the Russian Airforce and militias backed by Iran are pursuing military operations against the rebels in the last significant redoubts of the regions that have been in control of Assad’s opponents in the western side of the country. In a statement, the representatives of the United Nations have said that Eastern Ghouta is in dire need of humanitarian assistance in the form of food, clothing, and medical supplies.

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