Changes Coming For The Happy Meal

McDonald’s is known for the hamburgers that the restaurant sells at affordable prices. It’s also known for the Happy Meal. The meal often comes in a decorated box and features a drink, entree, and two side items. Parents can choose the items that are in the meal. a toy comes with the meal as well. Although there have been efforts to make the meal healthier by including apple slices and oranges as a side item choice, some people don’t think that the Happy Meal will ever be a truly healthy choice for children.

The restaurant is stepping up to address concerns about the health of the meals. Some restaurants are launching a makeover to see how healthy they can make the options that are available. These changes will not be seen in all areas of the country until the corporate offices look at sales and how parents view the changes. There will be new standards put in place for the nutrition requirements of the meals. Some of the menu designs will change as well to display the healthy options that parents have when choosing what’s inside each Happy Meal.

There is a hope that each meal will be less than 600 calories by June. The amount of salt will also decrease. Everything from the portion size of the fries to a healthier version of chocolate milk is changing. McDonald’s wants to remove the cheeseburger as an option and offer bottled water instead of soda. There is also a desire to offer a larger variety of vegetables and fruits instead of only apples and oranges. The restaurant is one of the first to make these changes for children. There is a possibility that the chain will introduce a grilled chicken sandwich as an option to replace the cheeseburger. While many children might not like the changes right away, parents will know that they have healthier choices for a fast food meal.

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