Director of The FBI gives new details that Contradict Reports from the White House

The director of the FBI Chris Wray on Tuesday provided new details that are in contradiction to the account timeline by the White House leading to the departure of Rob Porter. Rob Porter served as White House Staff Secretary and was accused by two of his former wives of domestic violence. Wray issued a statement to the Intelligence Committee of the US Senate that the FBI had finalized its background investigation regarding the issue last year in July. Requests for follow up information were honored by the Federal agency in November last year and were able to close the file administratively in January 2018. Wray added that the agency had received some relevant information to the investigation early February and that the agency had managed to pass the information to the relevant authorities.

The timeline that was outlined by the testimonial offered by the FBI Director before the US Congress is in sharp contrast with the White House narrative that was issued last week. as the violence allegations to the former senior White House official came to light, the White house made claims that the background investigation that was necessary for the security clearance of Secretary Porter was still in progress as late as last week when he vacated office. This happens amid the release of graphic photos depicting physical assault to his first wife who had a black eye and multiple facial bruises. The second wife also gave a haunting ordeal of how Mr. Porter battered her during their marriage.

The Director of the federal agency on Tuesday said that the FBI had already made a conclusion over a year ago that his acts in the past disqualified him to be granted a multi-year security clearance to the president and high ranking staff at the White House. Despite such recommendations from the FBI, Mr. Porter was awarded temporary security clearance and continued to work for the White House. Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary said on Tuesday during a press briefing that the investigation regarding Mr. Porter was still in progress and that no final recommendation had been made by the White House security personnel regarding the Staff Secretary.

Ms. Sanders added that though the personnel security at the White House had received information of the allegations last year in November, they did not make a clear adjudication on the actions that could be taken against Mr. Porter because the process was still in progress.

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