The draft Plan by the US Government to Punish Legitimate Immigrants

President Donald Trump and his administration are working on regulations that would enable the US government to prevent immigrants from living or working in America or even have them deported. This is especially in the case that the immigrant’s families had used a variety of federal, state and local social services which they are entitled legally to. The administration is also against the enrollment of children that were born to immigrants in the US in the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) or the Headstart program. The regulations would not, however, make it illegal for the use of public services that are entitled to American citizens by immigrants regardless of their immigration status.

The regulations would make it possible for the US government to deny the immigrants applications for a green card or a new type of visa if they have used such services in the past. In simple terms, the regulations would force the immigrants to have to make a choice between their permanent future of their families in the United States and the utilizing the social services that are available for citizens. If the new regulation is finalized and approved, it would expand the power of the federal government to bar an immigrant from setting foot in the US significantly. It would also make it difficult for immigrants in the future to obtain new visas or becoming a lawful permanent resident of the United States through a green card by having the immigrant labeled as a public charge.

As of today, the US federal government may make the consideration of using cash benefits in Public charge determinations such as the Temporary Assistance for the Needy. The US government under the leadership of President Donald Trump wants to give powers to federal agents to look into using other benefits to enforce the regulation. These include the Children’s Health Insurance Program, food stamps, and the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) assistance. Others include transit vouchers, housing benefits, and Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Any immigrant who makes use of these programs for six months in the last two years would be considered to be a serious and weighted issue on the immigrant’s status in the US. The decision on who gets labeled as a public charge has a lot to do with the discretion of US federal officials. Moreover, the use of public services by immigrants is also supposed to be only a single factor that determines the status among many others.

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