Onelogin’s Process For Securing Sensitive Company Data

More and more companies are undergoing a digital transformation, and this has resulted in bringing on board apps, networks and data to the enterprise. As such, it is of the essence to ensure systems have been put in place that would ensure the implementation of this process is not only smooth but also easy to troubleshoot.

Most of the systems being put up by companies consider restricted permission features as a priority because they determine the kind of information is made available to the different users in the systems. In addition, IT heads are cracking their heads on innovating ways that would ensure their security features are top notch and impossible to compromise. To do this, they are coming up with systems that factor multiple authentications and alternative methods for the user to gain access to the system without bogging the IT department with demands for new access passes.

One of the most efficient and reliable companies that can offer high-level expertise and experience in this line of work is OneLogin. This company is well ventured in cloud-based systems and has taken the initiative to build a platform that would allow its clients operate their business without having to worry about security breaches. According to Verizon data breach reports for the year 2016 and 2017, most cases associated with cyber attacks have been highly related to stolen, weak and compromised identities.

As such, it has become the mandate of most IT heads to figure out ways of securing user profile protocols without derailing the ongoing daily business activities in their company. OneLogin technology solutions have this feature integrated into them. In addition, OneLogin also offers additional programs that assist users to access the system and work remotely. Some of these programs are Oracle, SAP and Office 365.

With the increasing cyber attacks, reports have shown that 90% of companies that fall short with secure systems end up using at least $50,000 in trying to re-establish their brand as safe. Nonetheless, companies have to put sensitive information in clouds but require security that cannot be breached. This is a critical aspect considering these data could be that of mergers and acquisitions, NPI documentation, business plans or even partnership agreements.

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