The Political Games by Pyongyang and Washington Threaten to Overshadow the Pyeongchang Olympics

Although South Korea may be making preparations for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics which are set to begin on Friday, both North Korea and the United States are in a quest to score political points on each side. According to reports from the Washington Post, the late Otto Warmbier’s father will be taken to the Olympics opening ceremony by Mike Pence, the American Vice President. This is a move that is set to annoy North Korea where Warmbier was held captive for 17 months before he was returned to the US where he passed on a few weeks later. At the same time, Pyongyang is sending the head of the North Korean parliament, Kim Yong Nam.

Mr. Nam is one of the most senior officials from the north to visit South Korea. Just a day before the start of the Winter Olympics, Kim Jong Un is set to showcase hundreds of its rockets and missiles and rockets. This is for the world to know that no one should underestimate North Korea’s military might. Last week during president Trump’s state of the Union address before Congress, he called out upon Pyongyang’s leadership referring to the high cost in human lives. Trump added that there had not been a regime in the history of the world that has oppressed its citizens as much as North Korea.

The state of the union was attended by one of the regime’s defectors, Ji-Seong-ho and both parents to Otto Warmbier, Fred, and Cindy. The US president Trump has had an adamant stand regarding the possibility of any diplomatic efforts between Washington and Pyongyang. Trump has in the past said that for any meaningful peace process with North Korea, Kim must first abandon his nuclear missile program and allow inspectors from both the United States and the United Nations tour the country.

During the state of the Union address, the president also said that American has learned from past experiences that concessions and complacency only lead to provocation and aggression and that he was committed to avoiding the same mistakes that were committed by previous administrations which had gotten Washington into a tricky situation. The US Vice President is attending the Pyeongchang Olympics where he is set to deride any efforts of showing goodwill by Kim Jong Un that he has normalized his country’s relationship with the community of nations. One of Pence’s aides has said that the Trump administration will not allow any propaganda by Pyongyang during the winter games.