‘Black Panther’ Moves Into Historic Company.

It’s almost unfair that Disney acquired Marvel for the price that they did. With a single film it looks like Disney already earned back their expenses — and no, that film isn’t the highly touted upcoming ‘Infinity Wars’. Instead, it is the standalone ‘Black Panther’ that has everyone hurrying to the theaters to spend some money. ‘Black Panther’ released to universal raving reviews while simultaneously racking up box office numbers that Marvel could only have dreamed about. In fact, ‘Black Panther’ has already moved onto the Top 10 list for highest grossing films of all time. ‘Black Panther’ currently sits at the ninth highest grossing film in the history of the United States box office, and more money keeps pouring in.

While fans are eagerly looking ahead to the ‘Infinity War’ film, Marvel has to be downright stunned by the success that their solo-spinoff film managed to pull in. The Black Panther superhero had previously been introduced in Civil War, played by Chadwick Boseman, and his work had been well received by critics and fans alike. Still, nobody could have anticipated the hype that the Wakanda-focused film managed to receive. Much of the hype surrounded Marvel’s willingness to depart from their big earners, the Thor’s and Iron Man’s of the universe, and more of the hype came from the fact that Marvel was willing to go with a racially-appropriate cast that.

No matter what led Marvel and Disney to find success with ‘Black Panther’, we expect more to come in the future. The first ‘Black Panther’ film had one of the most memorable villains in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe with Killmonger, played by Michael B Jordan, and the rest of the background characters were developed wonderfully. There is a foundation laid for what could be a great side-franchise for Marvel to lean on.

Thanks to the wondrous action sequences and multi-layered story, along with the amazing performances, ‘Black Panther’ looks like it will be able to climb even higher on the Top-10 list before the film is pulled from theaters.’Black Panther’ has only been at the box office for 18 days and after another weekend most box office analysts expect the ‘Black Panther’ film to surpass #7 The Dark Knight ($534 Million). It’s unlikely that ‘Black Panther’ will be able to overtake the only other Marvel film on the list (Avengers, $619 million) but if any film could it is this one.

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