Cambridge Analytica Proven To Be Dirty

Channel 4 News, a popular news media source based in the United Kingdom, released just yesterday evidence of funny business on behalf of the now-infamous Cambridge Analytica, and how the firm was involved in multiple elections around the globe.

The news media source underwent a truly undercover investigation, during which high-ranking members of Cambridge Analytica were filmed in high-quality talking about false identification cards, sex workers, former species, and monetary bribes.

At a business meeting with senior executives belonging to Cambridge Analytica, such executives claimed that they had the resources, know-how, and clout to catch politicians in embarrassing situations – those that could potentially end the careers of politicians – with nothing more than sex workers, allegedly hailing from the Ukraine, and financial bribes.

Alexander Nix, the chief executive officer – the CEO, the top dog – of Cambridge Analytica told Channel 4 News’ undercover agent that it did, in fact, regularly interfere with elections around the world, providing unethical, potentially illegal services that ultimately help political figures gain substantial political upper-hands over their competitors.

In order to get around the world without mudding up the name of Cambridge Analytica, Nix claimed that the low-down firm used and still uses no-name front organizations. Another strategy he admitted to using as funneling work through contractors, so Cambridge Analytica effectively couldn’t get its name dirtied.

When it comes to offering bribes to political officials, Nix claimed that his firm would send offers of hefty sums of cash money to opposing political candidates. Such money would clearly be advertised as financing for those politicians’ campaigns, though their agent would ask for some asset in return, to make it “look” like a real transaction. However, because Cambridge Analytica records the whole transactions, they can simply – according to Nix – “[blur] the face of our guy… then post it on the Internet.”

This conduct is illegal, as the United Kingdom Bribery Act and United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act both outline as illegal the act of providing, or even offering, financial or other bribes to officials in public positions.

In order to obtain such damning information, the Channel 4 News undercover reporter acted as if he were a representative sent to do dirty work – called a “fixer” – for a rich client that ultimately had goals of electing unnamed political candidates throughout Sri Lanka.

Who knows what can follow next, after this damaging-yet-true report.

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