Sussex Healthcare Welcomes New Chief Executive Officer

Sussex Healthcare hires new ceo

Sussex Healthcare recently announced the appointment of a new CEO. Her name is Amanda Morgan-Taylor, and she brings more than 30 years of leadership experience with her. Although Sussex Healthcare announced Amanda’s arrival before the end of 2017, she did not formally join the team until January 2018. As a driven leader, Amanda started making plans with the management team before stepping into her new role. She spent a considerable amount of time learning about Sussex Healthcare, its unique culture and the needs of residents.

Valuable Contributions From The New CEO

Within a short time of arriving at Sussex Healthcare, Amanda created a new position to promote quality, compliance and service improvement tasks. Sussex Healthcare is known for its innovative and holistic concept of care, and Amanda wants to preserve that while she looks for new ways to enrich each resident’s life. On its site, the company announced Amanda’s arrival and stated that the new CEO appointment was an important step for Sussex Healthcare. The announcement said that adding her to the team showed the company’s commitment to providing the highest quality of care.

After she started her new job, Amanda visited each of the Sussex Healthcare home locations. She met the staff, residents and family members of residents. She listened to their concerns and answered questions. By learning about concerns directly from residents and caregivers, Amanda can use the information to enhance their care plans and improve Sussex Healthcare’s service policies.

Who Is Amanda Morgan-Taylor?

Amanda has worked in healthcare and social care for more than 30 years. She became a mental health nurse in 1984. During her first few years in the healthcare field, Amanda saw that many facilities did not provide proper care for elderly and mentally handicapped people. Her initial experiences in the 1980s and 1990s inspired her to find ways to improve skilled care. She stopped working as a nurse and pursued a management role. In one of her past positions, Amanda led an auditing department. She identified compliance issues. Her excellent work earned her a promotion, and she became the overseer of development tasks. Over the years, Amanda was an integral part of reshaping several healthcare systems for elderly and mentally handicapped individuals. She spent time in both the independent and public sectors.

With years of experience in healthcare facilities, Amanda understands how relationships between care providers and residents work. She knows how to identify operational issues and overcome any related challenges. Also, Amanda is known for helping companies rebuild trust and confidence among stakeholders. By encouraging the highest standards of resident care and family support, she maintains Sussex Healthcare’s strict commitment to individualized care. In a press release statement, Amanda said that she was excited to work with Sussex Healthcare’s management team, nurses, caregivers and all other workers. She plans to collaborate with them to find new ways to improve life for all Sussex Healthcare residents in the coming years.

The Sussex Healthcare Commitment To Quality

Sussex Healthcare hires new CEO, Amanda Morgan Taylor
Sussex Healthcare hires a new CEO and continues to add new team members across the UK.

The mission of Sussex Healthcare is to offer comprehensive and personalized care to each resident. Sussex Healthcare’s first facility opened its doors in 1985. With a strong commitment to care that addresses the mind, body and spirit, Sussex Healthcare continues to grow. Today, there are more than 20 facilities across Sussex. Also, the company recently opened a state-of-the-art gym with underwater treadmills, personal trainers and many other benefits. As it grew, Sussex Healthcare acquired multiple awards and distinctions. It is the only independent nursing home in the United Kingdom with dual accreditation. Health Quality Service accredited the company in 2002, and it received the Investors in People award one year later. In 2005, the ISO 9000:2000 accreditation was granted to Sussex Healthcare because of its innovative management practices.

Life At Sussex Healthcare

The company proudly serves elderly individuals with declining cognitive abilities and people of all ages who have profound and multiple learning disabilities. It has skilled nursing facilities for people with extensive care needs and facilities for people who require minimal assistance. There are also adult daycare and outreach services. When new residents come to Sussex Healthcare, they receive a personalized care plan. Their diet limitations and preferences are important, and there is a skilled chef who works with the kitchen staff to make fresh and nutritious meals every day.

The new CEO is proud of the company’s many activity options and wants to add more choices. Residents can participate in gardening activities if they enjoy the outdoors. There is a swimming pool at the gym, and Sussex Healthcare happily transports residents there to encourage physical fitness. Many of the programs at the gym are designed to increase or maintain mobility and range of motion. The Sussex Healthcare homes also offer crafts and other fun indoor activities to keep residents’ minds active. Sussex Healthcare provides focused care and therapeutic programs for people with neurological disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia and other conditions that affect cognition.

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