“Aquaman” To Cross the Pond Early?

The upcoming DC Extended Universe film Aquaman is currently set for release on December 21, 2018, but is reportedly set for release one week earlier, on December 14, in the United Kingdom.

At the moment, it is not clear if this is a mistake, if the U.K. will be getting the film early, or if the American and worldwide release dates are going to be changed as well. So this could be either good news for comic book fans or an annoyance for those who do not want to be behind their geeky brothers overseas. Given the release date’s proximity to Christmas, an earlier date may be a good idea.

This new date was reported by Digital Spy here.

A lot of DCEU movies have had trouble productions; in contrast, Aquaman has mostly avoided making waves, with little news of it making the surface as of late. (Heh, get it?) There has been news of some reshoots lately, which may be worrying for some; Suicide Squad and Justice League are among the various movies that have been rendered very messy by additional photography, though given how smoothly things have progressed until now this may just be a case of needing to polish a few rough edges.

The story focuses on Arthur Curry, also known as Prince Orin of Atlantis (played by Jason Momoa). The half-human son of an Atlantean princess, he has yet to claim the throne that is rightfully his, and will have to fight his half-brother, Prince Orm/Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson), as well as the mercenary Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) in order to get it. He will be aided by his love interest, Mera (Amber Heard) among others.

Justice League established the character as a bit of a loner and a jerk, but one who also has a fun side, always eager for a good fight. Meanwhile, Momoa’s casting has helped to combat the common idea among non-comic fans that Aquaman is a lame character with little to offer as a superhero.

While the DCEU has offered divisive entries, Aquaman, as well the next film in the lineup, 2019’s Shazam, both look like they could be fun adventures. If so, let’s hope that it will not just be people in the United Kingdom who get to see him early.

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