Gotham Renewed by Fox

Batman fans are rejoicing everywhere following news that Fox has renewed Gotham for a fifth season that will air on the network in 2019. Slated for 13 episodes, the next season will also be the final season of the show and see billionaire Bruce Wayne finally become Batman. Having faced declining ratings and high production costs, most ratings experts saw the show as a tossup for renewal. Fans began panicking last week as Fox canceled most series that were not produced in-house. Being a Warner Bros. production, fans believed that Gotham would join Lucifer, The Exorcist, and many other series on the network’s chopping block for next season. Having gained a final season, fans are excited to see the show finally transform Bruce Wayne into the iconic superhero.

News of the renewal was greeted with a resounding applause from the show’s cast and crew. David Mazouz, who plays Bruce Wayne on the show, wrote in an Instagram post that he was happy that the show would be able to finish the storylines they started in the series’ first four seasons. Ben McKenzie, who plays Jim Gordon, credited the show’s fans for the season five renewal, tweeting, “We have the best fans in the world. Good work guys.” Other than Bruce finally becoming Batman, the show’s writers haven’t given fans many indications about what storylines will be included in season five. However, in an interview with, Danny Cannon, who serves as the show’s executive producer, hinted that season five would serve as a soft reboot for the series. Additionally, fans speculate that “No Man’s Land,” the title of the season four finale, is a clue that season five might follow the popular comic book storyline of the same name. Batman: No Man’s Land is a 1999 comic series that saw the Caped Crusader trying to restore order in Gotham following the city nearly being destroyed by an earthquake.

Gotham premiered on Fox on September 22, 2014. While the show’s first season was greeted with a lukewarm critical reception, later seasons were embraced by fans and critics alike. In addition to Mazouz’s performance as young Bruce Wayne, critics were particularly pleased with Robin Lord Taylor’s portrayal as Oswald Cobblepot, a gangster who later becomes the comic book villain the Penguin. Praise was also given to the show’s adaptation of several other major Batman villains, including Ra’s al Ghul, Azrael, and the Riddler.

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