On The Warmer Side

There are people who don’t believe in global warming and those who believe that the planet continues to get warmer on a monthly basis and will continue to do so until it’s a place that is uncomfortable to live. April 2018 was the 400th straight month of temperatures around the world that were higher than average. Scientists believe that the increase is due to global warming, which is something that some claim humans have done to the planet themselves.

President Reagan was elected in 1984 for a second term in office. Popular television shows were getting their start, and well-known musicians were taking to stages across the country. The year was also one of the last recorded times when temperatures were recorded as at or below average. Ever since 1984, temperatures have been above average, which is quite a while for the earth to heat. Fossil fuels are burned on an almost daily basis, which helps to heat the atmosphere. When the atmosphere is heated, then the temperature rises rather quickly. There is no indication that temperatures will lower as scientists expect them to continue to rise over the course of the next several months.

Many people have wondered when the earth will reach its breaking point. There are no clear signs that something catastrophic will happen, but some activity among volcanoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes has been increasing each year. Europe has seen perhaps the warmest temperatures of all areas of the world. There are locations in Europe that haven’t seen much rain over the past few months and that haven’t seen the snowfall that would normally be recorded during the winter season. Some areas of Asia have recorded temperatures over 120 degrees. Although North America barely made it under the average high temperature for April, it was still an abnormally warm month for the region.

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