Police Officer buys a Homeless Man a Cheeseburger

A police officer in South California showed kindness to a homeless man who was in a restaurant asking for food. The restaurant called the police to come to handle the man. When the policeman arrived, he bought the homeless man a cheeseburger. According to reports, a worker at Hardee’s restaurant, located in Horry County, said that a disorderly customer visited the restaurant. The man was asking and pleading for donations at the restaurant for several hours. When they called the police station, the responding officer never threw the man out. He instead bought the man a delicious meal. The officer bought the man something to eat and amazingly handled the situation with grace. According to Ms Summer who highlighted the matter on Facebook attached a 20-second video clip of the incident. In the video, the police officer bought the homeless two cheeseburgers.

Ms Summer was so thrilled by the fact that the police officer was full of compassion. That’s when she decided to take a video of the event. The video received more than 1,600 views before midnight. People all over social media said that the police officer was a great man, a hero and remarkable member of the law enforcement community. One people who commented on the post said that the rest of the police officers should take note of what their fellow officer did. Just because a person is hungry and homeless does not make them less human. The consumers at the hotel were left with their mouths agape and surprised. What the police officer did to the homeless man had so much compassion. Perhaps they had anticipated that when the officer arrived, he would drag and throw the man out of the restaurant.

Few minutes before the officer arrived, the homeless man was bothering the restaurant by begging. This forced one of the restaurant workers to call the police for assistance. The event was just breathtaking for all the customers that were having their meal in the fast food joint. As the video went viral and received much attention, Horry County Police Department recognized the officer as their very own. The department identified him as CJ Mullinax. The police officer had also been caught on camera playing football with a group of local kids in the streets. The officer received lots of congratulatory messages from the residents. They regarded him as the kind of police officer that the citizens need. An officer with compassion. Mullinax was humbled because of the support that the county residents showed him in return.

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