How Ryan Seacrest Stays Slim on His Journey of Weight Loss

The journey of weight loss is not an easy one, not even for celebrity Ryan Seacrest. Though Ryan Seacrest is known for his stylish and slim physique, this has not always been the case.

Growing up, Ryan Seacrest was a heavier child who often snuck food behind his mother’s back. His struggle with weight caused him a great deal of pain as a child. In an interview with Men’s Fitness, Seacrest revealed that he had been made fun of for his weight in his childhood, and eventually decided to find a balance between his weight and food. Once the pounds were shed, Seacrest was able to find a confidence he had never had before.

Men’s Fitness asked Ryan Seacrest multiple questions regarding his fitness routines and his choices that give him a balanced life, or at least attempt to give him a balanced life.

When asked how he maintains such a busy schedule with hosting gigs, radio show, and other business ventures and stills allows for time to work out, Ryan responded saying he schedules his “workouts as if they were meetings.” This choice to keep his workouts a priority, that he makes sure “don’t get canceled,” provides Seacrest with the continued physical endurance and muscle training that he needs to keep the pounds off.

Though a busy schedule does affect how much time can be allotted for working out, Seacrest always plans to have at least five hours a week dedicated to working out. For the times when Seacrest has a moment to spare, he can go workout at two different hotels in L.A. where he maintains a membership and keeps workout gear. The ease of having more than one place to work out provides Seacrest with more possibilities to workout, even if he’s on the opposite side of L.A. from his office.

When Seacrest is able exercise, his favorite workouts are circuit workouts and core workouts. Ryan Seacrest gives his reasoning for why he loves these workouts being that it is because “I always like to break a sweat from the get-go right up through the hour.” Other than circuit and core workouts, Seacrest also enjoys swimming, running, though his current knee problems do not allow him to run as he used to, biking, and occasionally yoga.

Seacrest admits that his love of food from his childhood has not gone away, for every now and then he will indulge in tacos, pasta, chocolate chip cookies, and any other meals or food items that Seacrest is craving at the time. When Seacrest is staying on track with his diet, he sticks with nuts, his favorite healthy snack, and vegetable juices to keep him going and satisfied.

During the interview, Men’s Fitness redirected the interview from the specifics of Ryan Seacrest’s fitness and diet regimen to the personal aspects of why he chose to tell the world of his struggle with weight as a child, and how making the changes to get healthier affected him and his career. Though Seacrest responded that he couldn’t “remember how or why it came up,” he does note that he does “remember vividly” his adolescent weight problems. Seacrest remembers keeping his shirt on at the public swimming pool, always shopping in the “husky jeans section at Marshall’s,” and being teased about his weight.

Through Ryan Seacrest’s transition from overweight to fit, he says he has learned the importance of balance. Beyond the balance of eating right and splurging every now and then, Seacrest has found that having balance in his personal life and work life provide a sense of peace to his life.

An expression Seacrest lives by is “do what you’re doing,” the idea that you should focus on what it happening in the moment, rather than worrying or focusing on things beyond your control in that moment. One thing Ryan makes sure he’s in the moment with is ping pong, a game he finds relaxing and can play to spend time with his girlfriend.

Seacrest ends the interview with Men’s Fitness giving his exercising tips. Seacrest says that music, or even the TV on in the background, helps him to focus on something other than his breathing. Though Seacrest is not as young as he was years ago, nor are his joints getting younger, he still enjoys running on the beach in the morning as a way to start his day. Biking is yet another great joy of Seacrest’s, as well as yoga, though his joints do not always allow him to move freely as is often required for yoga.

Regardless of what exercise or equipment Ryan Seacrest has available to him, he makes sure to have the time in his schedule to workout. Seacrest has worked hard to find balance in his life and he plans on continuing to maintain that balance.

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