“Wonder Woman 1984” To Include Invisible Jet?

Could the (in)famous invisible jet be featured in the upcoming DC Extended Universe film Wonder Woman 1984? If nothing else, we have some fanart for it.

BossLogic, who is known for doing a lot of superhero fanart (including the piece that got Joe Manganiello hired as Deathstroke), posted an image on his Instagram account. It shows actress Gal Gadot apparently floating near an ocean landscape, but in a sitting position and with her hands positioned like they are grasping a steering wheel. A pair of sunglasses completes the silly Photoshop picture.

“Cruising Down Themyscira in my 84,” he wrote, in reference to the island where Wonder Woman’s Amazons live.

He got the image of Gadot from a recent video that leaked online. Taken from the set of Wonder Woman 1984, it shows the actress in a harness to simulate her flight; she sails along, and around the 33 second mark has her legs up as if sitting. While this could have just been Gadot trying not to drag her feet or something, fans are wondering if this scene will be edited to have her in some sort of vehicle.

Possibly her famed invisible vehicle?

For those unfamiliar with Wonder Woman’s mythology, beginning in 1942 she was depicted owning an invisible, silent and super-fast plane which she used to travel from place to place. In a rather silly twist, this was usually drawn as if the plane was simply transparent, with Wonder Woman herself visible sitting inside. Over the years, the jet was downplayed or eliminated, especially since later stories depicted Wonder Woman as having flight as a superpower.

It has come back in some modern depictions, however, either for a gag or with alterations to make it less silly. Her 2009 animated film has her use it to travel to Man’s World, for example, while Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths has her acquire one without the “can still see inside” problem. Could it show up in the new film? It could fit into the Cold War plot that the sequel may have, though one does wonder where she could get it, and if she still has it during the present day.

For now fans will have to wait and see if director Patty Jenkins has decided to pull out this particular bit of history for the November 2019 film.

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