Gavin Newsom Said That He Was Wrong for Having Reported Young Immigrants to the Ice.

As the mayor of the city of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom spearheaded a policy that required the law enforcement officers to make reports on all undocumented juvenile immigrants to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The minors were to be charged with committing felony crimes. This was back in 2008. Gavin, a Democrat and a candidate in the gubernatorial seat in California is eying to succeed the seated Governor Jerry Brown. Gavin said that it was wrong for him to have approached the juvenile issue in that manner. Gavin said in an interview that the Juveniles were charged but not convicted. Some people eventually were absolved that got entangled in it. He preached to his critics to have a fair game not attacking him with baseless matters. He said that looking back, there were issues that he could have handled differently. He added that he was honest and regretted that he handled things the way he did.

Gavin’s comments came during the Democratic indignation over President Trump’s guidelines since he reversed the policy that separated families at the border of the United States and Mexico. The border officials separated families once they entered the country. Gavin Newsom has decided to position himself as the best successor for Jerry Brown to lead the state of California. The state is at war with the Trump administration over the Immigration policies. Gavin suggested that the president should have focused on the immigrants that were convicted but not those that had no violent crime charges. In the interview where Gavin was interacting with the press, he characterized his guideline of reporting minors to the ICE as a wrong move. Gavin took the decision as an initiative to protect sanctuary ordinance in San Francisco. The ordinance forbids the city from using the city’s resources to assist federal immigration agents.

Gavin said that for the very first time, the Sanctuary law in San Francisco was undermined. The law was being threatened under very great scrutiny following the killing of a San Francisco resident together with his two sons by an undocumented resident. The immigrant was a gang member from El Salvador. Newsom said that the move was devastating and he agreed that it exposed loopholes in the city’s sanctuary policy. Gavin made the statement as a result of the murder of Bologna together with his lovely sons Michael and Mathew. He said that the murder suspect was apprehended, released and came back and shot three members of the family.

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